Swimsuit fitting: is it really important?

Swimsuit fitting: is it really important?

After writing a first article on how to lose weight and be fit for the costume fitting that you can read here, I want to make you another equally important speech: many people consider the number on the scale too important , to the detriment of these variables:
– one’s health
– your body composition
– If you have any health problems related to poor nutrition and a slow metabolism, obsessing over weight and calories can only make it worse. The ideal, on the other hand, is always to be able to eat within your daily caloric needs and lead a less sedentary life.
If you are in your daily calorie requirement, you gain weight or gain weight, there is obviously a problem, which cannot be solved by making your head to the weight you want, but instead trying to reduce the sedentary lifestyle and eat a little more until you reach your needs.

– If you only consider the number of the scales and not your appearance , therefore you appear without muscle tone (therefore with little lean mass), you have a swollen belly and a dull appearance, from the health of the hair to that of the skin, you must consider that many of the fit models who fill the fb pages as testimonials (often unaware) of supplements and lightning regimens are probably heavier than you, but appear thinner because they are doing the tarallo in the gym, and in particular in the weight room.

If you are making thousands of sacrifices for the costume fitting, but those two variables are in your case, think that perhaps a little body positive attitude is what you are missing.
By body positivity we don’t mean by force: “I’m ugly and fat but I have to accept myself”. It means: I love my body for what it allows me to do every day, and I must remember to respect it. 
Here are some things that concern the costume fitting in this light.

– people think about us and notice us much less than we think, even on the beach.
– what do you prefer? A self-confident woman who looks beautiful despite her imperfections or a woman who looks beautiful but she is full of obsessions about her body and doesn’t like herself? Of course, the middle way would be the best, but we need to learn from people who know how to like and value and respect each other, and not believe that by settling your weight, greater self-confidence will automatically come.
Because that’s not the case.
– the body is just a body.It is our character to know how to dress it. An overweight person with a fantastic bikini and a great smile is a thousand times more attractive than a normal weight person who is on the beach worrying about what his belly looks like.
– if you don’t accept yourself now, you won’t accept yourself even with ten kilos less. When we focus on weight and being “less” we risk never liking ourselves and developing an obsession with respect to which we always feel at fault.
– while you think about the perfect costume fitting, life goes on:if the sacrifices for the costume test, with a thousand thoughts and a thousand strategies are severely limiting your life and free time, ask yourself if you shouldn’t think about something else: moments with friends, enjoying the sea, etc. This can also be good for your fitness: release tension, avoid stress, switch off your mind.

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