How to use meal replacements to lose weight?

How to use meal replacements to lose weight?

It sounds unbelievable nonsense, but how to use meal replacements to lose weight? There are two ways that have been attested as successful weight loss strategies by scientific studies.
In the first case , only one meal is replaced between the two most important: lunch or dinner, and try to have a light breakfast, with no more than 250-300 calories.
The scheme is therefore the following:
Light breakfast: for example 2 rusks with 2 teaspoons of sugar-free jam + a 125 ml low-fat yogurt + 100 g of fruit of your choice + coffee or tea without sugar.
Balanced lunch with a single plate, so as to be sure to eat proteins too: for example a plate of pasta and legumes (50g of pasta, 40g of dried legumes, oil and vegetables), or a tuna and tomato salad with a packet of crackers and a fruit, or brown rice with chicken sprouts and chunks.
Protein substitute meal for dinner.

In the second case, for greater weight loss, there are two replacement meals , interspersed with a more important balanced meal.
Breakfast with meal replacement
Lunch with meal replacement
Dinner with balanced meal: steak or fish with vegetables and potatoes plus a fruit, for example.
Please note: meal replacements do not have to be “bought or industrial”. On Dcomedieta I have often written about DIY protein shakes and soups: here , here and here some examples.

In both cases it is best to also consider fruit or vegetable snacks throughout the day.

The winning strategy is to:
– start with one meal replacement per day by replacing lunch or dinner (2-4 weeks)
– do 2 to 4 weeks more drastic with two meal replacement a day
– follow up again with a meal replacement for at least 2 weeks
– do the maintenance regimen. 

Another important thing to understand is: when to have the replacement meal?
It really depends on your eating habits. If you feel hungrier in the evening , you may want to go ahead with meal replacements during the day and eat plenty of dinner (no, you won’t get fat). If you need energy during the day and run the risk of failing with replacement meals, reserve one for dinner. For those who have a greater need to sate themselves, the substitute meal can be preceded by a mixed green salad (10-20 calories) with a teaspoon of oil and lemon juice (50-60 calories).

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