Supplements for the skin

Supplements for the skin

Skin supplements are not used to make wrinkles disappear, but to give strength to an important organ that defends us every day from external aggressions: let’s protect it to protect ourselves!

Supplements for the skin

Do we nourish our skin enough?

There are many factors against which our skin needs protection: pollution, dry and arid or cold climate, sun exposure, wind, damage caused by poor nutrition, psychosomatic disorders such as pimples and acne of various types. The skin is that organ that defends us, that natural barrier that we too must respect and protect, so that it protects us.

Far from being a purely aesthetic discourse and the elimination of classic wrinkles, treating the skin in a natural way is a good and healthy habit to be implemented day after day, through cleaning, nutrition, rest, practically a cure from the depths to shine on the surface. To meet us and support us in pursuing our search for natural beauty, in addition to food and creams, many skin supplements also come to our aid , which can be prepared at home naturally or purchased in herbal medicine, in the form of capsules, essential oils, syrups and herbal teas. We know their compositions closely.

Skin supplements: which ones to choose?

There are many products and supplements for the skin on the market. In such a vast world, let’s find out which ones can do for us.

Supplements for the skin based on burdock, dandelion, artichoke : these supplements guarantee a supply of natural active ingredients useful for purifying , favoring the physiological processes of hydrolipidic exchange for the maintenance of skin well-being. They can be found easily in capsules.

Skin supplements based on borage oil : help prevent skin aging and dryness, keep skin soft and healthy. If Icelandic lichen extract is added to borage oil , it also adds a killing action from within all those processes that facilitate abnormal sebum production and the formation of blackheads.

Skin supplements based on blackcurrant seed oil , tomato extract, fish oil, omega 3 and 6, lycopene, vitamin E and Vitamin C. These supplements help to reactivate the production of ceramides from within, therefore they are “reconstructive”, as they participate in those processes of cohesion between the cells of the dermis. Vitamin E, in particular, is useful for fighting free radicals , and, together with vitamin A, plays an antioxidant role. Vitamin E is equally important for fighting the marks left by psoriasis and dark age spots.

Lavender-based skin supplements: lavender flowers , extracted in capsules or taken in the form of herbal tea, carry out a defense action against infections, antiseptic, capable of eliminating harmful bacteria from the skin and body. Flowers can also be added to salads, desserts, main courses.

You can learn more about the properties and contraindications of burdock, a skin-friendly plant

Calendula-based skin supplements : calendula is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent supplement; effectively soothes irritated skin and reduces inflammation; gives the skin a soft appearance as it deeply moisturizes it. Marigold can be taken both in dry extract and in herbal tea, making the beautiful flowers dry at home.

Alchemilla-based skin supplements : the alchemilla comes into play to lend a hand to skin disturbed by menopause and hormonal factors. Another period in which the skin undergoes challenges from hormones is adolescence, even during this age it can be useful to integrate with the alchemilla as a normalizer of mixed or fat-prone skin. This plant also improves blood circulation and skin elasticity.

Chamomile based skin supplements : Chamomile is one of the safest herbal supplements, you can use it for a long time. It soothes inflamed skin tissue and is also useful in treating skin diseases resulting from hormonal changes, such as pregnancy.

Aloe vera-based skin supplements : Cleopatra used it as an elixir of youth, in Africa they call it a “gift from heaven” and consider it a precious asset. Aloe contains acemanane , a polysaccharide, which accelerates the formation of fibroblasts, the cells that stimulate the synthesis of proteins, such as collagen and elastin, making the skin softer and more elastic.


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