Vaginal balls: how to choose them according to age

Vaginal balls: how to choose them according to age

Whether it is the transition to adulthood or the delicate pre-postpartum phase or even the onset of menopause, every age of the woman has its good reasons for a toned perineum with a few simple precautions.

Vaginal balls: how to choose them according to age

The vaginal balls are tools for well-being , recommended for all women over thirty years of age. But how to find your way among the numerous types of geisha balls available? How to find the most suitable ones for your pelvic floor ? Here’s how to choose the best vaginal balls according to age.

Vaginal balls: pleasure and well-being from the age of thirty

It is beyond question that, with the lengthening of life expectancy and the improvement of lifestyle, at thirty we often look (and feel) like a twenty year old.

But it is equally true that, biologically, the transition to the “mature” age is felt on our body, especially in sensitive areas such as the pelvic floor. This is why the use of vaginal balls is important from the age of thirty .

In this phase the goal is not to recover a lost tone, but to keep it present . You can simply use a couple of times a week, for 20/30 minutes, “classic” geisha balls such as LELO’s Luna Beads while walking.

To test the tightness of your perineum , you can initially use the lighter pair of balls: if they stay in place without sliding off, you can increase the weight until you reach the heaviest combination of balls. How will you know if your training is working? The main indicator will be the increased intensity of your orgasms!

Pre and post pregnancy: recover the tone of the perineum

Pregnancy is not strictly linked to a woman’s age, but it is another moment of transition in a woman’s life in which it is important to take care of the perineum.

The weight of the baby and the changes in the mother’s body and posture in fact primarily involve the pelvic floor , which will be even more involved at the time of birth.

Therefore, if you are planning to have a baby, pelvic gymnastics is very important. There are vaginal balls, such as Imtoy’s Candy Kegel Ball , to be used together with an app that will guide you step by step in the most suitable pelvic training.

During pregnancy it is essential to continue with targeted pelvic gymnastics exercises (the use of geisha balls during gestation is to be evaluated with the gynecologist instead), and in the terminal phase of the pueperium it is possible, indeed, highly recommended, to resume with the use of vaginal balls. Geisha balls will help the pelvic muscles recover their ability to contract and relax, restoring normal vagina and anus function.

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Menopause: the vaginal balls for the re-education of the pelvic floor

The use of vaginal balls, as seen, is desirable throughout adult life, with particular attention to “sensitive” phases. Such as pregnancy, childbirth and, of course, menopause .

The hormonal readjustment caused by menopause, combined with advancing years, has a particular impact on the perineum , which tends to yield and leave room for a series of symptoms, more or less accentuated. From urinary incontinence, to fecal incontinence, to vaginal or bladder prolapse: discomforts of varying intensity that seriously impact women’s well-being.

To limit its onset, it would be advisable to prevent the sagging of the perineal muscles by training them in premenopause, but if you have been lazy (or poorly informed by your gynecologist or general practitioner, as unfortunately often happens) it is not too late.

For the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor, in addition to vaginal balls, vaginal cones are recommended , which allow an even more gradual and incremental modulation of pelvic re-education, and electrostimulators : thanks to small electrical impulses, the pelvic muscles will be brought to contract and relax , with a “passive” training that will restore functionality.

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