The pumpkin slimming smoothie

The pumpkin slimming smoothie

This pumpkin slimming smoothie is perfect for fall, and represents a special treat, which will make you appreciate the sweet and natural taste of pumpkin in a smoothie as satisfying as a real dessert.

All for 250 calories.

A slimming and protein shake that we can drink for breakfast or use as an evening meal replacement.
The spice mix increases glycemic sensitivity and the amount of carbohydrates with medium glycemic load is a perfect anti-stress combo for those who want sweet dreams. Also perfect as a post workout snack (proteins and carbohydrates with zero fat), it is hypersatiating, ideal for those who need to fill up.

pumpkin smoothie


Calories 250, proteins about 18 grams for over 600 ml of smoothie (two glasses)
250 grams of pumpkin (raw weight) boiled
100 gr of very ripe banana
half a level teaspoon of stevia
150 ml of skimmed milk + 100 ml of water
half a pack of fage total 0% fat yogurt
a pinch of:
– ground cinnamon – powdered
– ground cloves

The process for this pumpkin slimming smoothie is super simple. Boil the pumpkin after having deprived it of the peel (for those who want extra fiber, you can boil it with the peel and blend it with the same peel, which however must be weighed separately, or consider 50 g more), let it cool in the fridge, then transfer it in a blender together with the other ingredients. You can eliminate the water if you want an extra creamy result.

To drink immediately, or rather, enjoy it. Trick or treat? Sweet treat!

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