Sty, how to cure it naturally

Sty, how to cure it naturally

Recognizing the stye among the various eye inflammations is easy, as is treating it with effective natural remedies.

Sty, how to cure it naturally

Sty, how to recognize it

Eye affections can be due to sty , chalazion or conjunctivitis .

The differences between sty and chalazion concern the affected part and the onset: both manifest themselves as boils, but the chalazion has no purulent abscess and is not accompanied by pain, but only by discomfort.

Usually the chalazion is more extensive than the sty, and is due to the obstruction of glands (called meibomian) that secrete lipids that facilitate the tear distribution on the surface of the eye.

Furthermore, chalazion has a slower and more lasting course than styes, which on the contrary arises very quickly and resolves itself just as quickly. Chalazion and sty can occur together or be consequences of each other.

The differences between sty and conjunctivitis concern the extent and shape of the symptoms: chalazion occurs on the eyelids, conjunctivitis instead concerns the conjunctiva  and is due to bacteria, but also to viruses and allergies.

While swelling is localized in styes, conjunctivitis extends swelling and redness to the entire eyelid and causes pain, suppuration, itching, photophobia and foreign body sensation.

Conjunctivitis is contagious , can spread from one eye to the other, has a longer course and specific medicinal treatment.

Sty, causes and symptoms

Sty is a bacterial inflammation of the eyelids , with obstruction of the Zeiss glands. It can be both internal and external and is accompanied by pain, swelling with manifestation of a red lump and / or small purulent abscess, tearing, itching and redness.

The causes can be different:

poor hygiene or contact with irritants : when the eyelids are not clean, the soil created can facilitate the proliferation of bacteria and the lowering of the eye’s natural defenses;

poor lacrimation : the task of tears is to hydrate and cleanse the eye. If for various reasons (environmental or organic) this task is not carried out effectively, the delicate surface of the eye is subject to fragility to external agents, such as wind, cold temperatures, bacteria and corpuscles that can come into contact with the eyelids;

compromised immune system : if the immune system is weak, the whole body is affected. Since the sty is an inflammation of bacterial origin, it is one of the consequences of a lack of defense on the part of the body.

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Sty, how to cure it with natural remedies

Sty resolves naturally within a few days, usually without complications. However, the symptoms can be very annoying. It is possible to treat it with simple natural remedies :

essential oils : essential oils, used following the necessary precautions , can accelerate the process of resolving the symptoms associated with sty. In particular, chamomile and tea tree essential oil can be used , suitably diluted and never in direct contact with the eyes;

compresses with chamomile and green tea infusions : the soothing properties of chamomile are associated with the antibiotic properties of green tea. A cup of water is boiled and a bag of chamomile and green tea is left to infuse for at least seven minutes. It is left to cool and soaked in sterile gauze or a clean cotton or linen cloth (washed without softener), placed on the eye and left to act for 15 minutes, as many times a day as possible. The infusion can also be used to clean the eyes;

total extract of aloe  and aloe vera gel : when natural and fresh, they can be used directly on closed eyelids. The gel will flow naturally into the eye, disinfecting and counteracting the bacterial proliferation that causes the sty.

When the stye does not resolve within two to three weeks, it is possible that an additional infection has set in and led to conjunctivitis or blepharitis . It is therefore necessary to consult a doctor.

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