Liver care: sleep, lavender and more

Liver care: sleep, lavender and more

The liver considered from a holistic point of view between Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

Liver care: sleep, lavender and more

How to help the liver to stay healthy , which foods, which plants are useful and how to balance the energies that facilitate the work of this important organ-filter. Let’s start with Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

The liver in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

The hepatic gland is our main organ as regards the purification and filtering of the blood, which in Chinese medicine is referred to as Xue and the associated element is Wood .

The associated biotype is active and outgoing, creative and intuitive. This biotype is lively and loves to share. On a physical level it is easy for the subject to get tired in the morning and tend to regain energy during the day and then unfortunately remain active until late at night.

The disorders that most affect this type concern the skin, eyes, genitals, thyroid. The relationship with allergic pathologies and with the sleep-wake rhythm is also very delicate (usually there is difficulty in falling asleep). 

In Ayurvedic medicine the liver is closely linked to the dosha known as Pitta and is considered the seat of Ranjaka Pitta , the subdosha which is responsible for the production of pancreatic hormones and burns the toxins that have accumulated in the blood. This organ is believed to be responsible for transforming Rasa Dhatu (plasma) into Rakta Dhatu (blood).

Identifies toxins in Rasa Dhatu and removes them, participating in menstrual, endocrine and skin health. Ayurvedic herbs that help the liver, both by stimulating and protecting it, are Picrorhiza, Andrographis, Chiretta and Aloe vera.

The Ayurvedic diet eliminates vinegar, chillies and fried foods or fast-food, frozen and canned meat.

There are yogic practices that are excellent for detoxifying and change habits; for example, you try to go to sleep before midnight.

The time slot in which the weakness is concentrated is from one to three in the morning. When the liver suffers, you can have nightmares, sudden awakenings. The fatigue of this organ creates a general decline in defenses, a considerable difficulty in digesting and manifests itself in recurrent dermatitis.

Also discover the specific asanas that help keep the liver healthy and vital.

Foods and natural remedies for the liver

First of all , digestion must be stabilized in the liver and toxins must be disposed of. We must first review the diet, stemming mistakes and alcohol consumption. 

In the morning cooked plums are ideal, you can flavor them with honey and cinnamon.

squeeze of orange and lemon to break up the morning is ideal as it tones the liver activity. For lunch a risotto without too many sauces, very simple accompanied by seasonal vegetables. If you can’t give up bread at this stage, then oatmeal is better.

Grapes as a snack is ideal: its mineral salts and antioxidants which it is rich in reactivate the liver tissues and clean the bile. For dinner, oat soup is ideal or fish with minced garlic and mint and boiled fennel. 

A natural remedy to avoid nocturnal awakenings is lavender . Its aroma has a calming, sedative, cardiotonic action. The essential oil of lavender , extracted from its ears, releases a well-being and a state of calm that automatically pours into the liver.

You can massage it on your temples before going to sleep. The bitter orange oil, on the other hand, eliminates states of intoxication and can be burned in the bedroom. The orange tea to drink before going to bed is also perfect.  


What are homeopathic remedies for liver treatment?

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