Stressed hair: this is what they say about our health

Stressed hair: this is what they say about our health

Stressed , too thin, easily damaged or easily falling out hair reveals a lot about our health : obviously, dyes and chemical treatments make the problem worse, but they are not the only cause of stressed hair. According to Australian trichologist Jane Davies , nutrition plays a key role.
Stressed hair can be a symptom of a poor diet: it can indicate an iron deficiency, it is susceptible to psycho-physical stress in general, and it can be the effect of a diet too rich in sugar, bad quality fats and starchy foods .A lack of healthy animal proteins often reveals itself in a hair that tends to thin out over time both due to thinning and hair loss.

For those who follow a vegetarian diet it is good to consume whole eggs, sprouts, beans and whole grains, while for those who are omnivorous, good quality meat and fish can do the miracle on our hair.
Stressed hair can also be a sign of a digestive problem: we avoid foods that swell our stomachs and are indigestible, and our hair will thank us.
The contraceptive pill also ruins hair.In addition to these dietary indications, the trichologist reveals that getting a moisturizing but not aggressive shampoo more often does not damage the hair, on the contrary, it helps to keep the skin clean, avoiding the “oily” and weakened effect of the scalp. On the contrary, for those who overdo the shampoo, avoiding washing their hair every day and buying less aggressive products for the skin can be the first step, after the food one.
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