Halle Berry’s diet and its fitness secrets

Halle Berry’s diet and its fitness secrets

I didn’t know, but gorgeous actress Halle Berry is diabetic , and despite her health problems, she is still in amazing shape, but she has recently looked particularly toned and bright despite her 51 years. Her personal trainer,  Peter Lee Thomas ,  revealed to the press how the famous American actress eats and trains . No exhausting activities or sports, no hours spent running or on the treadmill. To stay in top shape, Halle Berry does two things: the first, a ketogenic diet, that is, with a consumption of fat equal to 70% of the diet, and a consumption of carbohydrates reduced by a maximum of 10%, the rest proteins. Halle Berry is a real fan and supporter of the ketogenic diet (source ) . She has been following her for years without any compromise to her health. She says her ketogenic diet makes her look younger and improves her skin.
She is the same actress who tells about her diet in an interview about her: her ketogenic regimen is followed to the letter of her when she wants to lose weight, tone up and maximize body fat loss without losing weight. power.

The Halle Berry Diet In the
morning before breakfast she takes a natural supplement of freeze-dried vegetables and amino acids, while in the course of the day she has 4 meals. Meals of many raw and cooked seasonal vegetables with large doses of olive oil, ghee or coconut oil, avocado, lean proteins such as chicken, veal, lots of fish, or two eggs a day, and a small piece of cheese every now and then . The consumption of fatty foods is very high. Fruit is reduced to the occasional consumption of currants, raspberries and blueberries in moderation. If he is hungry, he limits himself to a handful of almonds. Such a plan is possible and effective for many, but it needs to be drawn up by a competent physician. 

Occasionally he indulges in carbohydrates as a free meal.
In training, Halle Berry mixes bodyweight training like calisthenics with some boxing, but she avoids cardio and only trains for up to 5 hours a week . Her basic training includes push-ups with variations, abdominals of various types, workouts for buttocks and legs, some exercises with weights, some yoga exercises.

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