Spots on the skin: the types

Spots on the skin: the types

Skin spots may be darker or lighter than the normal skin color; there are different types and can appear for various reasons

Spots on the skin: the types

Age spots, acne marks, vitiligo : there are various types of skin blemishes which also vary in color. Let’s see them.

Dark spots on the skin

The dark spots of the skin can be brown, brown or coffee and milk and can be of various types: they can appear due to age, hormonal imbalances or as a result of scarring of the skin, as in the case of acne .

Age spots

Age spots are brown spots that can appear on the face , hands, neck and décolleté after the age of thirty and more frequently after the age of fifty, they are formed due to an excess of melanin and become more marked after sun exposure .

The appearance of this type of dark spots on the skin is subjective but is influenced not only by constitutional factors , but also by dietary habits and lifestyle in general: a healthy lifestyle and a correct diet, in fact, prevent the action of free radicals, the molecules responsible for aging. To prevent the appearance of dark spots it is also important to protect the skin from the sun with sunscreen products suitable for your phototype.

There are also natural ingredients that seem to be able to regulate the synthesis of melanin by the cells of the epidermis, lightening the dark spots of the skin: this is the case, for example, of the Russian larch extract and vitamin C.

All vitamins for the skin

Spots due to hormonal imbalances

Hormonal imbalances can interfere in the regulation of melanin production resulting in the appearance of dark spots. This type of spots is common during pregnancy and while taking the birth control pill . The spots due to hormonal imbalances disappear spontaneously a few months after giving birth or after stopping the pill .

Spots due to acne

Finally, those who suffer or have suffered from acne may find themselves having to deal with dark spots on the face , back and chest linked to the healing processes of the skin . A similar blemish can occur in people suffering from folliculitis , an inflammation of the hair follicles that occurs after waxing on the legs and groin.

This type of stain tends to lighten over time but sometimes it can take several months for the stains to disappear completely.

To prevent the appearance of dark spots caused by boils , it is better to avoid squeezing the cysts and use products that contain exfoliating fruit acids, capable of evening out the skin tone.

White patches of the skin

The spots on the skin are not necessarily dark: there are in fact lighter spots on the skin than the rest of the epidermis, and they can be caused by vitiligo, Pitirisia versicolor, Pitirisia alba .

Vitiligo is a disease that depends on hereditary factors in which melanocytes are destroyed by the immune system: if we notice the appearance of light spots on the hands, feet or other areas of the body, it is good to consult your doctor.

Pityriasis versicolor , on the other hand, is caused by a skin fungus : also in this case it is good to contact your doctor for antifungal therapy.

The spots caused by Pityriasis alba , on the other hand , are light spots that generally resolve spontaneously and for which treatments are generally not necessary.


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