Sports for weight loss: which are the best?

Sports for weight loss: which are the best?

A recent survey by the Forza Supplements supplement brand, which has garnered the attention of many newspapers including the Mirror , reveals which are the best activities to lose weight, or the best sports to lose weight that will push us back to the gym!

In fact, boxing is in first place among sports for weight loss. You may have seen that many models have posted photos of their daily activity in the gym, which also includes boxing: it seems that boxing burns 800 calories an hour and is very effective for training the whole body. In second place is squash, a game of rackets with two or four players in vogue in the United States, in third place rowing.
Running outdoors burns 700 calories, 580 on the gym treadmill. 
In fifth place is swimming, if we do the butterfly style: 680 calories per hour are burned and this is also a training for the whole body. If we do an hour of the gym between weights and cardio activities, we can burn up to 590 calories, which is reduced by almost half if we only do weights.
There is a big problem, however, when we listen to this type of investigation: the problem is that we are looking at only one side of the coin, that of the Calories In = Calories Out equation.

As long as we continue to think of the gym or sports as mere activities to lose weight, it is logical that the activities that burn more calories win, while it is not said that these same activities, if they do not improve our body composition (i.e. they do not reduce fat promoting the growth of muscle mass) can do us good. The metabolism will tend to adapt, lowering itself, and the body can sacrifice lean mass if this is not appropriately involved with hypertrophic purposes, therefore of development and growth. Furthermore, the energy expenditure also depends on us and our metabolic capacity: therefore a man with a good metabolic capacity can burn 800 calories per hour while boxing, a woman can reach less than half.The same expenditure obviously also depends on our training intensity. Combine the two and you will find that most of the time there is a tendency to  overestimate the calories burned in training.

Ultimately, when looking for a sport to lose weight, focus not only on the calories it burns, but also on the effectiveness of the sport itself in reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

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