Salad for weight loss: the best combination!

Salad for weight loss: the best combination!

If we want to make a salad to lose weight, in theory there is nothing simpler in the world, right? Just put a salad in a bag on the plate (it would be better to wash it anyway even when they say that the product should not be washed), dress it and go. Take in few calories and lose weight.
All clear? Well, that’s not quite the case. Because if an hour later you have a black hole instead of your stomach and you would eat whatever comes your way, the fault is not that you don’t know how to diet and you don’t know how to make healthy choices or that you are bad and you are always hungry and deserve the eternal damn: but it’s because you made a mistake in your dietary choices. And yes, even a weight loss salad can be wrong if you don’t know how to make it.

If you want to make your own salad for weight loss, follow these rules. You will always get satiating dishes and you can always make new recipes yourself, with a maximum of 300/350 calories for a meal that will leave you full for a long time and with the right amount of macro and micronutrients.

In a bowl, combine one food per group:
– leafy vegetables / salads: they are the basis of your salad, so consider at least 100/150 gr and choose between lettuce, songino, endive, baby spinach, rocket, radicchio, watercress (a find it). The trick: the crispier the salad, the better.
– moisturizing / draining vegetables:  they help you drain, deflate your stomach and take in more water, making the meal satiating. Choose between 100-150 grams of cucumber, radishes, fennel, celery, raw onion. – vitamin C:

always add some vitamin C to your salad. Sprinkle some lemon over it, or add a handful of parsley, a quarter of red pepper, or a handful of datterini tomatoes to your plate.
– lean proteins: go with 100 gr of boiled legumes of your choice, 100 gr of chicken or turkey, 100 gr of bresaola in strips, 100 gr of natural tuna, 120 gr of octopus or shrimp, 100 gr of tofu, two eggs, 80 g of tempeh, 70 g of seitan, 70 g of light feta cheese, 100 g of skimmed cottage cheese. Try a combination every day.
– fats: try to mix them together to have a good combination, here you and I suggest some:
60 gr of fresh avocado + a teaspoon of flaxseed oil or a tablespoon of whole Greek yogurt
a teaspoon of olive oil + a dozen olives or a teaspoon of pumpkin / flax seeds
a teaspoon of olive oil + 4-5 chopped walnuts
– low-calorie foods: go for pickles (never in oil), fresh aromatic herbs in leaves, capers, to add flavor to your salad without adding many calories (almost nothing). Same with a pinch of mustard, vinegar (not icing), lemon juice, spices.

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