Spleen pain: possible causes and main remedies

Spleen pain: possible causes and main remedies

The pain in the spleen, if it occurs after a sudden effort, is considered normal and passes after a few minutes at rest. If, on the contrary, it arises without effort, it is important to deepen because it could be a wake-up call.

Spleen pain: possible causes and main remedies

Pain in the spleen , how many times as children after a demanding run, playing, we stopped panting with a pain on the left, above the side.

At that age it was practically normal and after a while, at rest, catching my breath, the pain would go away by itself .

We also remember as adults that we have a spleen when we improvise to play sports without training , or when we face a great effort. 

In general , the pain in the spleen in these conditions passes in a short time , once the activity is suspended.

Unfortunately, the condition is very different when the pain in the spleen occurs without effort, at rest .

Splenalgia , as spleen pain is technically defined, is an alarm bell that must lead us to investigate the causes, which can be many and different, but not insignificant.

Causes of pain in the spleen

Anemia : in anemic conditions the life span of the red blood cells is very short and the spleen is subjected to a metabolic overmeat . In fact, it is responsible for the metabolism of iron , and is the organ responsible for the formation, storage and disposal of blood cells. It can therefore be painful, because it is swollen and inflamed.

Mononucleosis : an infection due to the EBV virus, commonly known as “kissing disease”, which is transmitted by saliva. Generally it is an asymptomatic infection, but in weak subjects, with a poorly reactive immune system, there is enlargement of the lymphatic glands in the neck, enlargement of the spleen, fever, pharyngitis, fatigue.

Liver diseases : cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, cancer, are pathologies that affect the spleen and its functions, with inflammation, pain, swelling.

Spleen pain is not to be underestimated , as it is a very delicate organ that can even rupture due to trauma or strain, in which case surgery is required.

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Remedies for Spleen Pain

In case of such important pathologies it is necessary to resort to specialized care , because the painful spleen is only the symptom.

In the event that the pain is due only to inflammation of the spleen, without hidden pathologies we can activate some alternative tools:

Nutrition : however, we can help alleviate the pain in the case of simple inflammation of the part through a correct diet without fried, fatty and alcohol-free foods;

Shiatsu : some shiatsu sessions can help to cool down the spleen, disinfecting it. It works on the spleen meridian in sedation and on the small intestine meridian in activation;

Foot reflexology : through the foot we can treat the spleen, to relieve pain and reduce swelling. The spleen is found only under the left foot and must be treated in dispersion.

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