Spleen, ailments and natural remedies

Spleen, ailments and natural remedies

The spleen is an organ of the lymphatic system , located in the abdomen to the left of the spine. Essential for various functions of the organism, it can suffer from some diseases such as mononucleosis or toxoplasmosis. Let’s find out how to treat it and keep it healthy.

>   Anatomical description of the spleen

>   Natural treatments and therapies

>   Yoga for the spleen

>   Traditional Chinese Medicine

>   Other disciplines for the spleen

>   Curiosities about the spleen



Anatomical description of the spleen

Together with the liver, the spleen is an organ with filter , laboratory and reserve activity. It guarantees the constant composition of the blood which is called arterial if it is rich in oxygen, venous if it is poor. Located in the abdomen, located in the upper left part of the abdominal cavity, it is located to the left of the spine, a little back and a little to the left of the stomach. 

Covered with a peritoneal membrane , provided with a peripheral fibrous capsule, it is bright red. Its  essential  functions can be summarized in: 

  • Erythropoietic action , that is, it produces red blood cells; 
  • Hemocatatonist action , that is, it decreases the globular resistance of red blood cells;
  • Blood reserve function ;
  • Metabolic and filter function . 

Natural treatments and therapies  for  the spleen

Among the various diseases that can cause pain in the spleen are mononucleosis and toxoplasmosis , two diseases that have several symptoms in common; in addition to splenomegaly and pain in the spleen , in fact, fever and swollen lymph nodes are also recorded in both. 

When spleen pain occurs only when exercising, it is necessary to have small precautions before physical practice: it is better to warm up well (at least 10 ‘), and follow a workout consistent with the degree of form, r exhale in a perfectly natural way. If you are running and the pain persists, it is better not to stop suddenly but to walk.

The natural cure to fortify the spleen then passes through diet and nutrition  which must be sober and not overload the work. Better  to consume foods rich in fiber: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and oat bran. Yes to at least 5 portions of  fruit and vegetables a day. Among the various favorite vegetables  are dandelion leaves  ,  beets and artichokes. Avoid fried foods. Nature helps this organ a lot and offers many remedies. If we deal with the field of gemmotherapy we remember: the country candle, the fassino, the prickly pear, the r osmarino (young jets).

Herbal medicine  offers many remedies, but above all we point out the astragalus , which also has extraordinary benefits on the liver and circulation by virtue of its tonic and stimulating action. It is also hypotensive, lowers the blood sugar level.

Discover the properties and benefits of astragalus



In the yoga universe , as in TCM, the spleen is damaged by circular negative thoughts. Physical practice deals with imbalances such as  anxiety ,  stress  and energy depletions that lead to  depression . Meditation is very useful for the well-being of the spleen Stop and clear your mind. Contact the interior, stay inside.

As Osho explained very well :  “ Meditation is nothing more than a homecoming, a simple inner rest. It is not the chanting of a mantra, it is not even a prayer. It’s a simple return home to rest a little “.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In  traditional Chinese medicine,  the Spleen is the one who helps us to define who we are, to be sure of ourselves, to choose our path. 

In the Chinese calendar, with May 5-6 we enter the summer season known as Li Xia . Summer for the Chinese occupies the month of May and the entire month of June, and ends with July, months where the sun is present for a maximum number of hours. 

The Spleen in English called spleen and in Chinese Pi corresponds to a much more extensive energetic function, considered to be located in the center of the body. All acupuncture practices that treat the spleen usually tend to remove the moisture that can build up inside it.  In times of fasting or famine or overwork the spleen is the first organ to suffer. Negative emotions also damage the spleen a lot.

Other disciplines 

Reiki can also help the spleen a lot. The spleen swells when the perception of the limit that one has given oneself changes, normally when one should  let something or someone into one’s inner space .

in reiki there is a strong energetic connection with this organ and the skin . The skin is our defense.

Curiosities about the spleen

The spleen can hurt in the beginner athlete and is typical of the “Sunday runner”, who subjects the body to excessive and occasional training. The most likely hypothesis is that the spleen pain is due to a fatigue of the diaphragm , which then disappears with training.

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