ouperose: when blushing is not out of shyness

ouperose: when blushing is not out of shyness

The skin of the face is the part most exposed to the aggressions of atmospheric agents: sudden changes in temperature, solar radiation, wind, humidity, when excessive, can trigger the process that leads to couperose, a skin disorder due to fragility capillary

Couperose: when blushing is not out of shyness

The natural remedies for couperose are cosmetic products based on plants with capillary protective action , able to reduce redness and strengthen the microcirculation .

Particularly sensitive and reddening skins present this manifestation with a certain frequency.

Couperose can, in fact, be considered the evolution of a repeated state of skin inflammation , following an external or internal stimulus, which, with the passage of time, if this phenomenon is repeated, from a transitory state turns into a stable and chronic condition.

Meaning of couperose

Couperose, or copparosa, is a term used to indicate a condition of intense and chronic redness of the cheeks and / or wings of the nose, with inflamed and clearly visible capillaries .

Although it is initially an aesthetic problem , it should not be underestimated: in some cases, in fact, couperose can evolve into a dermatosis known as rosacea.

Couperose is quite frequent in women, especially over the age of thirty, and develops mainly on delicate and sensitive , fine-grained, easily irritable skin. The causes of the onset are complex, but can be brought back to a state of capillary , constitutional or acquired fragility. Various factors then influence this basic condition: emotional, hormonal, allergic, environmental, climatic.

When the redness of the face tends to disappear more and more slowly and begins to persist for weeks, months, years, the capillaries present in the dermis, due to persistent congestion of the skin and the progressive loss of elasticity of the blood vessels, can dilate in a way permanent and become visible and irregular causing the onset of couperose, with all its characteristic manifestations.

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Natural remedies for couperose

Some general measures of behavior can help prevent the onset or evolution of rosacea: eliminate smoking , which is harmful to circulation; avoid sudden changes in temperature or prolonged proximity of the face to heat sources .

Follow a balanced diet , avoiding foods and drinks that can worsen the situation (eg alcohol, coffee, very hot drinks, etc.), supplementing the diet with foods rich in vitamins C and P and in general all fruits and vegetables red , which have capillary protective activity . Do not use cosmetic formulations that are too aggressive and irritating to the skin. Always protect the skin against harmful stimuli coming from the outside (UV rays, cold, heat, wind, etc.).

Cosmetic cosmetic treatments for couperose

The natural remedies for couperose are cosmetic treatments indicated for delicate and fragile skin, which in their formulations contain plants with a decongestant and vasoprotective action . However, it must be emphasized that couperose can never be completely eliminated with cosmetic treatments, but since it is a vascular damage , it is also necessary to intervene from the inside with specific natural supplements for the microcirculation.

The functional principles that are used in face creams  for couperose are numerous. Among these the most used are undoubtedly bisabolol and azulene , obtained from chamomile ; and calendula extracts with calming and soothing effect .

Furthermore, in the choice of cosmetics, those that contain UV filters must be preferred, to protect the skin from the daily aggressions of the sun’s rays. Products without perfume or, possibly, with natural perfumes obtained from essential oils are preferable . Among the most used there is the essential oil of rose , because it is suitable for all skin types, it calms inflamed or delicate skin while carrying out an astringent , toning and anti- wrinkle action on the sensitive, dry or mature one.

Vegetable oils are also effective for reducing skin redness due to their decongestant and anti-redness virtues for sensitive skin. Rosehip oil and borage oil stand out for their effectiveness .

Finally, these cosmetics must contain among their functional substances herbs and officinal plants with a capillary protective effect such as ginkgo biloba , rusco and red vine .

The recipe for the cosmetic cream against couperose

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