Irritable bowel, what foods to avoid?

Irritable bowel, what foods to avoid?

Do you have an irritable bowel and want to know which foods to avoid and which ones to include in your diet? You probably won’t have to give up any food, just limit your consumption.

Irritable bowel, what foods to avoid?

Irritable bowel syndrome  or irritable bowel syndrome is a functional disorder characterized by abdominal swelling, pain in the lower abdomen and impaired intestinal motility with constipation , diarrhea or, more often, both disorders alternately. Other gastrointestinal symptoms of varying intensity may be present .

The disorder is very common and the causes are uncertain . However, it is believed that emotional stresses increase intestinal motility and that there are people more prone than others to suffer from disorders related to irritable bowel syndrome in times of stress .

Usually people who report irritable bowel symptoms have a particular emotionality and are very sensitive to emotional tensions. Furthermore, some studies have shown that those suffering from irritable bowel feel more colon distension and it is therefore likely that these people have a particularly low threshold of sensitivity.

There also appears to be a family-genetic basis because it is common to find multiple cases of irritable bowel syndrome in the same family.

All this premise above all to underline how the irritable bowel is often associated with stress and therefore, in many cases, it is not advisable to eliminate complete foods that are generally offended for two reasons :

> The effectiveness of their complete abolition has not been demonstrated.

> Attempting to completely abolish certain foods and / or beverages could further increase stress.

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Foods that worsen irritable bowel symptoms

The only foods that must be completely eliminated from the diet are those that cause intolerance. Food allergies and intolerances , however, must always be diagnosed by the doctor.

The substances and foods that should still be limited are :

> Coffee;
alcohol ;
> all excessively processed foods and dishes;
> overcooked vegetables.

In fact, they are all foods and substances that worsen the symptoms of irritable bowel. Smoking also makes the disorder worse .

It is also important to learn to listen to your body ; sometimes it is the person who is interested in identifying the foods that bother him and, always being careful not to eliminate precious foods from the diet, one can limit the consumption of those that are subjectively more annoying, always without exaggerating and always after consulting a doctor.

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What are the foods that can help?

There are no miracle foods. To soothe irritable bowel disorders, however, it is useful to follow some food hygiene rules :

> Eat five regular meals a day , three main ones plus two snacks, avoiding snacks and binges.

> Drink a lot of water , i.e. about one and a half to two liters a day. This caution is useful both in case of diarrhea, to replenish fluids, and in case of constipation, to facilitate intestinal transit. It may help to consume  soothing and calming herbal teas .

> Follow a varied diet and correct nutrition, guaranteeing the body the right amount of fiber . Sometimes those suffering from irritable bowel tend to reduce the consumption of fibers especially when there is diarrhea; fibers , however, are always very important and, when there is diarrhea, they help to increase the consistency of the stool ; naturally we must not exceed either in one sense or in the other, that is, consumption must not be too low but not too high.

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