Smoothies for weight loss make you fat

Smoothies for weight loss make you fat

milkshakedietNo doubt this news will shock many people who rely on shakes, shakes and smoothies in general for weight loss. In fact, it seems that this vast range of products to drink is on the contrary fattening according to an Australian survey: all industrial preparations in powder to which water or milk are added to obtain dietary milkshake-like smoothies and which are considered replacement meals (cappuccino drink , strawberry smoothie, chocolate or vanilla milkshake, so to speak), made one in five consumers fat.
Enough to push a consumer rights association, Canstar Blue , to do a good survey. It turned out that:
– one in ten consumers becomes addicted and gets fat;
– 58 percent of those who use these smoothies to lose weight lose weight but half of these get it back as soon as they stop using them;
– 43% declared that these beverages do not work;
– 36% said they could not maintain weight without it.

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