Because it’s hard to lose weight again!

Because it’s hard to lose weight again!

balanceIt is scientifically proven that ninety percent of people who lose weight on a diet regain it on what is called a long term: of this ninety percent, in fact, many gain weight immediately (stuff of a few days, weeks or months, others after a few years. What happens? When we tend to abandon those eating habits that made us lose weight or we finish the diet, the body tends to accumulate the resources taken : just a jerk, which is not paid attention to and which is followed by another jerk, and then another, and another. I have seen people gain weight just like that, a few kilos at a time and say “eh, well, unfortunately I’m getting fat again”.
On the contrary, people who are always thin and in shape try to have a correct diet in a constant way: yes to the tear but then you eat less. That said, if you belong to the ninety percent of people who have gained weight after a diet, you should know that it will be much more difficult to lose weight again, and this for a physiological reason.

The hormonal profile changes. It decreases leptin , the hormone that tells us that we are full, and increases ghrelin, the hormone of appetite. Your body registers weight loss, especially if it is rapid, as a sign of food deprivation, and runs for cover, prompting you to eat more. It is not enough. If you have long since deprived yourself of a certain category of foods (carbohydrates or fats),your body will react by making you eat more carbohydrates and more fat and by decreasing your metabolism.
So what to do? If you have already made a mistake once, trusting the protein diet in the magazine or on the internet, love the second one: a non-restrictive diet, which teaches you to eat well forever, and physical activity are the ways in which people of all walks of life, race or age lose weight stably. It is useless to talk about the amazing results of the paleo or dukan diet if you eat pizza on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s just stress.
You can lose weight all the time, but if you don’t make mistakes it’s better, because while we forget about our fasts and binges, the body remembers them all .

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