Slimming diet for diabetics by Exante

Slimming diet for diabetics by Exante


weight loss diet for the exante diabeticThe slimming diet for diabetics from Exante , a company specializing in meal replacements and other products to keep fit, is the first diet in Italy to follow the diet protocol for the type 2 diabetic of the famous Prof. Roy Taylor of the University of Newcastle .

For those unfamiliar with it, Dr. Taylor’s Type 2 Diabetic Diet is a 12-week program that is the only one scientifically proven to have led to diabetes remission by diet alone.

Exante followed Dr. Taylor’s protocol precisely and now also in Italy it will be possible to follow her diet with rigor.

This is a very low calorie diet. Prof Taylor demonstrated in this study that a crash diet is the easiest way for diabetic patients to reduce liver and pancreatic fat.

For those who ask: yes, meal replacements are essential to follow the teacher’s protocol. He also used them in his studies, including the DiRECT study of 149 patients. The reason is that each meal must be precisely 200 calories and have a certain share of macronutrients.

The products used by Dr. Taylor in his studies were those of Exante or Optifast. Therefore Exante is one of the companies recommended in the protocol ( as written here ).

But Exante has done even more. In fact, he participated in a further clinical study with volunteers broadcast as a documentary on the English channel ITV on 13 and 14 June 2018. The results of the clinical study, conducted by doctors Zoe Williams and Jason Gill on a sample of participants with type diabetes 2, led to a strong weight loss of the volunteers and a net improvement in blood sugar and insulin. Reason why I tell you about it.

Let’s see what Exante’s diabetic weight loss diet consists of.

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