The croissant diet to burn fat mass

The croissant diet to burn fat mass

Okay, I know that thinking about croissants and believing they don’t make you fat sounds like a joke.

However, today I want to talk to you about a diet called the croissant diet that uses the action of a type of saturated fat, stearic acid, to burn fat mass. In fact, there are a number of scientific studies in favor of this type of fat, which is found in cocoa butter, normal butter and clarified butter, but also in cream and red meat.

The croissant diet is a diet that involves a greater intake of foods that contain stearic acid.
This is because stearic acid would cause fat cell death in both animal studies and  human and human cell studies , would not affect bad cholesterol , and would have an important anti-tumor and mitochondria-enhancing action. 


Conceived by geneticist Brad Marshall, who would have tested it on himself after trying many unsuccessful weight loss diets, this diet has had great success since Marshall in his blog demonstrated the validity of stearic acid to reduce body fat. .

Marshall’s hypothesis is that obesity is in fact a result of the fact that people no longer eat some types of fats, but consume others along with sugar and other forms of carbohydrates. In particular, margarines or other vegetable oils. The consumption of vegetable oils, for example that of sunflower, soy or corn, has increased exponentially in the last century. While the consumption of sugars has dropped. And the consumption of some fats of animal origin has also dropped (lard, lard, butter) which instead are rich in stearic acid.

Marshall then analyzed the dietary history of a number of countries, including China and France of the last century. And he realized that those who ate a fat-free diet and those who ate a diet with this type of fat that today have gone out of fashion had no problems with weight, diabetes and high cholesterol. The function of stearic acid would also be to progressively reduce hunger, reduce insulin peaks and improve the production of the hormone leptin, the main satiety hormone.

In fact, explains Marshall, with this diet, hunger no longer becomes a problem.

This, in addition to the action of stearic acid on fat cells, leads to the loss of fat mass especially, while the lean mass is preserved. Let’s see what the croissant diet consists of.

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