Slimming blocked? Here is a cause!

Slimming blocked? Here is a cause!

Are you on a diet but not losing body fat as you expected? There is only one reason for blocked weight loss: you are not getting enough sleep.

A Swedish study conducted by the University of Uppsala revealed that a low-calorie diet does not work if those who follow it sleep little. In fact, in this case, the body more easily loses lean mass, and not fat.

With the consequence that the metabolism is lowered and, even if the balance falls, what is falling is not the meat.
Therefore the risk of regaining weight after the diet is even higher.

The Swedish researchers have in fact noticed that a “metabolic shift” corresponds to the reduction in sleep hours. The body burns less sugar, and an inflammatory process is triggered which leads to greater muscle catabolism, and a tendency to convert energy into fat. Here is the reason for the stuck weight loss.

The researchers also found that even a few days of sleep deprivation is enough for this inflammation to take place.

If you sleep little but follow a calorie restricted diet, you tend to lose less body fat than sleeping well and eating a diet. Those who sleep little in the morning burn fewer calories than they should. The cells of our body “breathe” less, because lack of sleep inhibits the functionality of the mitochondria.

Consequently, by lowering the cellular respiratory quotient , the metabolism is lowered, resulting in blocked weight loss.
This is why sleeping is important for losing weight and avoiding not only the stalemate of weight loss, but even gaining weight while on a diet.

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