The PINK diet to lose 15 kilos

The PINK diet to lose 15 kilos

The Pink diet (acronym for Power, Intensity, Nutrition, Kardio) is a 4-phase diet to lose 15 kilos on average in 82 days, therefore in about two and a half months.
Developed by nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella, the Pink diet is a diet designed for all those women who have 15 kilos or less to lose, and also want to be toned and lean, or reduce fat mass.


The Pink diet is divided into 4 phases.
A first phase lasting 3-14 days, depending on whether you have 5, 10 or 15 kilos to lose, with a 1000 calorie diet.
A second phase is followed until there are only 2-3 pounds left to lose, on a 1600 calorie diet.
The third phase lasts only a week, and aims to fight stubborn fat, with a 1000 calorie regimen.
The fourth phase is maintenance, with a 1600-1800 calorie diet.
Beyond this diet plan, physical activity is essential. And you change activities for each phase.
Although the method is paid, in this article I provide you with examples of menus by stages for those who want to lose 15 kilos in agreement with their doctor.

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