Semi-permanent make-up: how to make your eyebrows unique

Semi-permanent make-up: how to make your eyebrows unique

Have you ever heard of  semi- permanent makeup ?

Vailo , for some time has been passionate about this technique, very precise and very suitable for those who want to be fashionable or want a decisive, or even more natural, change on their face.

Imagine how much more comfortable it can be to start from a make-up base that remains without the possibility of ruining itself due to being too hot, too cold, without having to do it again every day after removing make-up. A nice idea, of course, this  eyebrow tattoo  that is super recommended for those who always want to stay tidy, do not want to make up and undo every day and want to keep a much more intense look even without being made up in the traditional way.

But how does semi-permanent makeup work and where can we find all the answers to our questions?

A site that could do for us is certainly which is a well-kept platform where we can find all the answers to the most disparate questions about make-up, beauty, that little detail that can make us women much safer, much more beautiful, much more fascinating.

But how does this makeup, this eyebrow tattoo work? What are the techniques we can choose to try to find ardor and passion in our face, perhaps after months or years of tiredness in seeing ourselves a little sloppy or always made up in the same way?

The semi-permanent make-up for the eyebrows

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the search for semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. There are women who do it to recover an intense look after some permanent damage linked to some current fashion. Those born with few eyebrows, with some vertigo that disturbs the gaze, those who want to have them thicker or to finally change the shape of their own that they have never liked.

There are several techniques for giving unhappy brows back to life:

  • defined eyebrows
  • hyper realistic eyebrows
  • mixed media eyebrows

The defined eyebrow technique is more than good for those who want to have a beautiful eyebrow in evidence, that is a marked make-up that can be seen even from a distance, which creates a nice gap between the skin and the shape of the eye.

The hyper-realistic eyebrow technique is the most chosen by those looking for a natural make-up, which incorporates, with a very fine use of a sort of hair-by-hair reconstruction, a classic eyebrow, a little more in evidence but certainly very credible as eyebrows. , almost only to change the shape.

The mixed technique eyebrow, perhaps, is the one that is most considered at the moment as a choice that represents the right balance between the two. So there is both the hair by hair technique and the one that engraves the tattoo more clearly on the face.

Lips and semi-permanent make-up

For the lips we would then have the opportunity to deepen in articles that concern only that feature of the face, equally marked. I can only tell you that pigments are used that tattoo the lips to ensure that there can be a tattooed lipstick of the color we want that does not go away with the water.

How to apply semi-permanent eye makeup

Equally interesting will be talking about how to apply semi-permanent pencil or eyeshadow on the eyes. We are always talking about tattoos that are made by the hands of expert beauticians and that allow you to have eyes made up, without any smudging, as long as you want.

Obviously, after some time, there will be a need to touch up the makeup that has been worked on but the result is so exciting that it is really difficult to go back. Clearly a makeup that radically or naturally changes a woman’s face intrigues a lot, right? Ask for info and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and comfort.

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