How to fight nervous hunger

How to fight nervous hunger

What are the measures that must be adopted to  combat nervous hunger ?

The first tip to keep in mind is that which involves doing a lot of movement : not only because physical activity allows you to stay in shape, but also because it is very precious from a psychological point of view, allowing you to say goodbye to all those stimuli that they have to do with nervous hunger.

In general, then, it is advisable to engage in activities that allow you to  keep the brain busy , so as to distract the mind. Whether it’s yoga, video games, reading or any other job, what matters is deceiving the negativity that often underlies hunger.

Plan your nutrition

Another suggestion is that which involves planning what you eat, and more generally sticking to meticulous planning: which means, for example, always respecting  the same times  for eating and avoiding eating snacks or snacks every time you benefit from a break or a break.

Having fixed hours, on the other hand, causes hunger to get used and regularized. Conversely, if you eat at any time of the day or night, a signal is transmitted to your body that causes it to appear the  sensation of hunger  at any time.

If you feel you are failing to achieve this, you can help yourself with a food diary.

Natural supplements

Valuable allies can also be identified in natural anti-hunger supplements: an example is that of  Garcinia Optima , which experts believe to be an almost miraculous product, with very important characteristics for our body.

In fact, it presupposes a consumption of calories necessary to digest it higher than the  calories  it brings: it is what is defined as a “food with negative calories”.

Garcinia Cambogia is commercially available in tablet form and is an excellent natural anti-hunger: in addition to suppressing the appetite, it also acts on fat cells and offers the body natural energy. 

No to crash diets

Whatever the reason why you want to try to  lose weight , it is absolutely forbidden to start a crash diet: decreasing the intake of carbohydrates, or more generally calories, from one day to the next is an extremely serious mistake. The recommended thing instead is to follow a real weight loss program .

Moreover,  the absence of sugars  makes hunger even more intense – and therefore it would be difficult to resist it -. In addition, as soon as you return to a normal diet, the sugars are metabolized instantly, nullifying all those useless sacrifices made to lose weight.

Yes to snacks, but in moderation

Snacks  during the day should not be banned, but it all depends on what you eat: green light for fresh fruit and dried   fruit , which allow you to always keep hunger under control.

Homemade fruit juices and yogurt are also fine, while foods that favor the feeling of hunger must be avoided: in short, it is better to stay away from salty snacks, sauces and fries, the so-called junk food

Foods  with refined flours  and red meat are allowed in main meals, but always on condition not to exceed the quantities, while alcohol should be set aside. Nervous hunger – it should never be forgotten – is just an instinct.

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