Self-eroticism in pregnancy: is it safe?

Self-eroticism in pregnancy: is it safe?

Should masturbation with the belly cause us to worry? Far from it. If we have finally dispelled the myth that sex in pregnancy is to be avoided, we still need to work on how much self-eroticism in pregnancy is also a great way to release endorphins useful for the unborn child and maintain a good relationship with your body in a moment of transformation. Let’s see what precautions it is good to keep in mind.

Self-eroticism in pregnancy: is it safe?

Self-eroticism in pregnancy: is it safe?

According to the data presented in the recent essay Female pleasure. Myths and Reality of the Orgasmic Function of Women From sexologists Roberto Bernorio and Milena Passigato, 84% of the 1200 women interviewed said they masturbated at least once in their life and 50% do it at least once a month .

Has the taboo of female masturbation fallen? Perhaps (we hope!), Even if self-eroticism remains taboo in a specific moment of female life:  pregnancy . Is masturbating in pregnancy dangerous? Can it harm the unborn child? Is it possible to use sex toys during pregnancy? Here are the answers to these (rough) questions. 

How pleasure changes during pregnancy

Fortunately, the times when the pregnancy corresponded to nine months of sexual abstention are far away. Gynecologists, obstetricians and sexologists agree that, in the case of a physiological pregnancy and in the absence of complications, there are no contraindications to the continuation of normal sexual activity .

On the contrary: cuddles, caresses and sexual intercourse help the woman to feel loved (even in a moment of hormonal rollercoasters and physical changes) and the couple to stay together and in love. In addition, many women feel an increase in desire during gestation , especially in the second trimester, when the nausea and fears of early pregnancy are far away and the bulk of the belly is easily manageable.

The increase in vascular congestion in the intimate parts facilitates lubrication and intensifies sensitivity , and the increase in the volume of the uterus amplifies the perception of uterine contractions during orgasm (always present, but less strong).

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Masturbation and pregnancy

An essential component of sexuality, alone or in couple, masturbation is recommended as much as sexual intercourse . Indeed, even more. As a couple, mutual masturbation is also possible when having sex is difficult or in the event that the future dad feels inhibited by the belly to do “other”.

And, on its own, self-eroticism is a way to feel good about yourself and take care of your pleasure and your femininity . Without fear for the baby: the pleasure caused by masturbation causes the release of endorphins, which make the mother feel good and therefore also the unborn child.

Why not take advantage of the increased excitability due to hormonal changes and the greater ease with which orgasm is achieved during these extraordinary nine months?

Sex toys and pregnancy

And what happens if we add two great taboos together, namely masturbation in pregnancy and sex toys? Absolutely nothing unpleasant, as long as you follow the rules of common sense and take some special precautions, especially in the choice of the sex toy and its use.

We have seen that during a regular pregnancy, penetration is not a risk; therefore no obstacles to the use of vaginal dildos, as long as gentle movements are made. Better to avoid vaginal vibrators, both rabbit and G-spot , and especially rotating vibrators: the latter could exert pressure on the cervix, and in general the internal vibrations could favor premature contractions.

Green light instead to clitoral vibrators for external stimulation: in this case the vibrations can in no way affect the peaceful course of pregnancy, if not giving you moments of intense pleasure. Whether you choose a dildo or a clitoral vibrator, it is essential to pay the utmost attention to hygiene : wash your hands well with warm water and neutral soap and sanitize the toy with a specific toycleaner, both before and after use. Enjoy the moment and all that the future holds for you as a mother!

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