We were able to test the Pyramidea PGH20, all Italian gaming headphones for PC and consoles, so here is our review.

Even the Italian panorama, thanks to some courageous companies, is entering the technology sector day after day. Today we are talking about Pyramidea , which is developing in our territory – and beyond – through a range of products that is increasingly complete, which specifically embrace the world of gaming. Let’s talk today about the Pyramidea PGH20 , mid-range headphones that come with really interesting specifications, with a good yield both on classic PCs and consoles, at least as regards PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch . After having tested them thoroughly, we want to talk about them specifically in this review of the Pyramidea PGH20.

The versatility of the Pyramidea PGH20

The PGH20s are presented in a minimal but rather iconic package for the company, which does not hide the logo of this new brand formed by two intertwined triangles . The same does the product itself, which already to the touch shows all the quality used in the materials, and exposes the brand in the center of the external part of its pavilions. This is illuminated by some rather nice , albeit not excessive, LEDs that complement the minimal but pleasant design of the product (don’t expect the classic aggressive traits of gaming products). The structure is solid but adjustable, while the track and the pavilions are particularly soft. The fabric used partially isolates the sound, but not being in microfiber it could be uncomfortable for some more demanding users, especially in the hottest periods. The space in the pavilions is large enough to ensure comfort for the user, and the track offers a width that is not bulky during use (after being obviously adjusted).

The product has a weight of 350 grams , therefore quite contained, and comes with a 2-meter sleeved cable already attached to the headphones. This is connected to a controller that allows you to manually adjust the volume and change the microphone (a rather convenient feature) but it only connects via USB and cannot be removed in any way. If on the one hand the cable is resistant and of quality, it is really difficult to unravel it after some intertwining (which is only partially avoided by the type of coating), and requires particular attention to prevent this from being damaged, an inconvenience that would make the entire product unusable.

Another downside is the limited versatility that such a connection offers . Although the headphones are also fully compatible on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, as mentioned at the beginning, these are really inconvenient to connect via USB to Sony’s flagship and to the Nintendo portable dock. A jack would have allowed to use the classic controllers, and unfortunately in this way the more classic living room stations cannot be combined with the Pyramidea PGH20. It must be said, however, that the jack does not allow the use of 7.1 surround sound, and therefore this choice aims to make the PC experience much better. The headphones boast full support for the plug and play philosophy, and once inserted into the computer they can already be exploited without problems, a particularly interesting factor for users who do not want to adjust individual settings.

Pyramidea PGH20 Review

Straight leg entry into the mid-range 

On the audio front, the PG H20s do not disappoint , with 50 mm drivers and an (unusual) frequency of 50-50,000 Hz . The final result is really interesting, and is configured fully in line with the reference price range. We tested the headphones mainly for gaming, remaining pleasantly satisfied, also thanks to the proprietary software MyPG Audio. This is rather minimal and not particularly successful on the graphic side, but all in all functional and intuitive. Thanks to the program it is possible to adjust the microphone gain, activate various important effects and – above all – exponentially improve the experience thanks to 3D Audio and 7.1 Surround, with the latter being adjustable in every small part. It must be considered that this is being updated, and certainly more features will be added over the next few months.

The microphone is the PG H20’s Achilles heel , but still manages to allow for fairly clear communication. The words sound particularly crystal clear on the other side of the screen, but it is a pity that the noise reduction without software (therefore with the simple plug and play configuration) is almost absent and does not improve much even after the correct settings. Obviously, for a clean audio it is necessary to rely on condenser microphones, much more suitable than normal headsets, but we would have expected an extra boost under this front anyway. It is good to specify that the PGH20 microphone is very good for classic chats through Discord or using the appropriate parties on PlayStation 5.

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