Here is our review of the Corsair RM550x, a fully modular high-end power supply manufactured by the well-known company Corsair.

When trying to configure any computer, it is good to make sure you spend the right time in choosing the power supply , an essential component that can damage the entire system if it is not of sufficient quality. This takes care of supplying the power to all the other pieces, and construction problems can create unexpected problems in the future, or even worse, irreparable disasters inside the case. Among the best companies that produce power supplies stands the well-known Corsair , which offers on the market several series of excellent quality, with various features and performances but always able to meet the needs of users. We want to talk in this review of the Corsair RM550x, which we have had the opportunity to thoroughly test on different PC configurations. We then discover the qualities of the product, which aims to offer convenience in assembly and solidity for systems of all kinds.

Corsair RM550x

Between cables and power supply

The Corsair RM550x presents itself – as usual for Corsair products – with a really high build quality . It takes a second to notice how the cost of the product is immediately in line with what it offers. The body is incredibly resistant, and seems to be able to withstand even falls without encountering any type of damage, as well as being able to withstand the various “bumps” to which the item could be exposed during assembly. The dimensions are quite small, we are talking about 15 x 16 x 8.6 cm, perfect for almost all configurations, it really takes a moment to screw it into the appropriate part of the case. We specify that the power supply in question is obviously suitable for the classic ATX, and that it could therefore be less appropriate for smaller or larger systems.

The modular power supply in question features the following sleeveless cables: 24 Pin (610mm), 8 Pin 4 + 4 (650mm), 8 Pin 6 + 2 and these other classic rubber coated: SATA (with 4 sockets) 850mm , SATA (with 3 connections) 750 mm, with finally a cable for the 4 Pin Molex of 750 mm. It should be noted that there is a single connection for the processor and an additional one for the video card , consequently the product does not allow you to set up SLI or Crossfire systems correctly, or simply to use video cards in the configuration that require more than one connection. 8 Pin for power supply; It therefore goes without saying that the 550Watt model is aimed at medium configurations.

Corsair RM550x

The Corsair RM550x is completely modular, therefore it allows maximum convenience by proceeding with the assembly. All cables can be detached and reattached easily (with the classic pinch socket), and the user can choose which ones to connect based on his configuration, avoiding unnecessary connections that would only take up space in the case. In most systems, you will be able to leave some connections still in the original box, only taking them later where necessary. The cables, on the other hand, are solid and really difficult to damage, even for experienced chins. On the front we find the attack for the 24 Pin, divided into two parts, the slots for CPU (4-4) and for GPU (2 + 2), finally 3 slots of 6 for SATA and peripherals, while on the back there is the classic switch to activate and stop the transmission of current.

The quietness and performance of the Corsair RM550x

The quality of the product is guaranteed by the 80 Plus Gold certification , now inevitable. Even with large workloads, we did not encounter any problems in using the product, which has always shown itself to be excellent in every area. In addition to being quiet at all times, the Corsair RM550X has a really useful feature, linked to the noise emitted. In fact, with low-medium workloads, the dissipation fan turns off completely, to achieve almost complete silence during operations. There is obviously no risk that the temperature rises above worrying thresholds, given that dissipation is facilitated by the materials used for the body and that, easily, this reactivates automatically to stabilize itself at suitable temperatures. Compared to other 550Watt products, the Corsair RM550x appears to produce almost no noise, thus contributing to the performance of quiet setups.

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