Protein requirements in our body| Why protein is required:

Protein requirements in our body| Why protein is required:


As we know that protein is involved in growth and development of body. It is required by body for maintenances of brain and body functioning. It is also used for the further production of protein. So, adequate amount of prtein is very important in body. This article will focus on the requirement of protein in different ages. In this article I will discuss about why protein is required? Requirement of protein according to age, In infancy, In childhood, In adult age, In Adolescence, Protein in old age, Protein in pregnancy, Protein requirement in Lactating age. This article will focus only on the requirement of protein. If you want to read more about protein its functions in body, then click on this link and read our article about Importance of protein in our body.

Why protein is required?

  1. Body building:

Although protein is present in each and every cell but have different behavior in various tissues. For example;

  • The protein in the muscle allows it to contract and hold fluid. This gives the muscle their strength and integrity to maintain their shape and functioning even when muscles are composed of about 75% water.
  • The protein in nails, skin and hair is hard and insoluble, providing a protective covering for the body.
  • Proteins in the walls of blood vessels provide elasticity, which is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure and blood flow.
  • Proteins provide the framework in which the mineral matter of bones and teeth is embedded.
  1. Cell organelle formation:

Almost all the organelles of cells are composed of proteins e.g mitochondria, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum etc.

  • Proteins form the cell membrane that is involved in the cellular transport. So, proteins also have a very selective role and acts as a selector for the incoming and outgoing particles across the cell membrane. In this way, cell membrane acts as a selectively permeable membrane.
  • Proteins also form the protoplasm of the cell that is the living and most functional part of the cell.
  • Energy provider:

One gram of protein provides approximately 4 kcal (17 kJ) of energy when is oxidized. When total energy intake is inadequate, to meet the need for energy, dietary protein is used. Therefore, in this condition, when the proteins are being used for energy purposes rather than their real function the body protein is started to be dissolved and the affected person’s body becomes skinny and lean. This mal-usage of protein leads to many diseases such as kwashiorkor, marasmus etc.

Requirement of protein according to age:

Importance of protein according to age is very important, through the life process of growth and development doesn’t continue. So, amount of protein vary according to age.

In infancy:

As we know that it is critical age of a baby. In this age during complimentary and exclusive feeding mother milk is enough. So, in infancy only 13 – 18 gram protein is enough in a day. It will be start in complementary feeding, because during exclusive period mother milk is enough for baby.

In childhood:

As we know that during child age, it is time of growth and development. In this age brain development is on peak. So, in this age protein plays important role.

Childs from 1-3 years required about 23 gram proteins per day.

Childs from 4-6 years required about 30 gram proteins per day.

36 gram proteins are required by a child in the age of 7-10 years.

This is very important age, so in this age intake of adequate protein is necessary.

In adult age:

Adult age is classified into two groups according to age: Male and Female.


44 – 56 gram protein is required by a male according to his age.

11 – 14 years 44 gram protein is adequate.

15 – 18 years required 54 gram protein.

19 – 22 years required about 56 gram protein per day.


Females from 11- 14 required 44 gram protein per day. Over all we can say that they required 44 – 46 gram proteins per day.

In Adolescence:

In the age of adolescence the standard requirement of protein is 44 gram per day.

Protein in old age:

When your age is more than 51 years then growth and many functions of body stops. So, in this age protein is only required for energy and somewhat for treatment. In females 46 g protein required per day.

Protein in pregnancy:

In pregnancy amount of protein increases. It will become 76 gram per day.

Protein requirement in Lactating age:

During lactation the standard requirement of protein is 66 gram per day.


At the in the light of above discussion we can say that protein is most important macromolecule in human body. It should be in adequate quantity. So, we should intake protein according to given information.


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