Principle Food preservation:

Principle Food preservation:


Food preservation is a complete course, because it plays important role in our daily life. Microbial and chemical attack may damage quality of food. So, to reduce risk of change in food we use preservation methods. This article is very important for healthy food and daily healthy kitchen. In this article I will discuss about why food preservation is important, Prevention from microbial attack, Prevention from autolysis, Control of pest activities and Reduction in physical defects. This article is very important because I will cover all methods of food preservation in this article. This article will focus only on the methods of preservation instead of other methods to remove microbial and chemical attack.

Why food preservation is important:

As we know that food plays an essential role in our daily life. So, along with its nutrients its quality also meter, because due to bad quality of food nutrients in food also loss. And in this fast and busy life healthy and fresh food is required for long time. So, Food preservation is also used to store food for long time. So, to prevent food from autolysis and microbial growth food preservation is very important. Some important methods for food preservation are given below.

Conditions that alter quality of food:


Autolysis is due to the enzymatic reactions. In this condition autolysis of food starts. There are many methods to prevent from autolysis. These methods are given below.

Food spoilage:

Food spoilage is any change that leaves the food unfit for human consumption. Spoilage of food e.g fruits occur in such a way that when a fully ripened fruit is allowed to expose to such conditions of temperature and moisture that allows the deterioration and proliferation of microbes the fruit is just at the edge of being spoiled. If such conditions persist, microbial growth occurs and the texture of food becomes soft and its colour has also been changed. It becomes unfit for consumption and is actually spoiled. Different types of foods e.g meat/fish, fats and oils etc spoil in different ways.

Microbial attack:

In this condition microorganisms attacks on food. And causes spoilage. It may reduce quality of food.

Prevention from microbial attack:

Food preservation from microbial intake is very important, because during harvesting some microorganisms attack on food. Most of them invade in food. That may cause spoilage of food. They may be reduced by different methods. For example their activity may be reduced by creating unfavorable condition for microorganisms. They may be reduced by process of processing. To prevent further attack of microorganisms we use packing process.

These methods are given below one by one:


Processing is not an enough method for food preservation. It can reduce the activity of microorganism.


In this method we will trim out spoiled part of food. It is quick method. This method is also involved in food processing.


For liquid food, such as juices and water we will use filtration method for their preservation from microbial attack.


It is also another method use to prevent from microbial attack. It is mostly used in dairy products.

Prevention from autolysis:

As we know that autolysis is spoilage of food due to enzymatic reactions. We also know that enzyme works in specific pH and in specific temperature. So, their activity may be reduced by changing pH, temperature and moisture level in food.

Food preservation through pH:

In this condition pH of food changes that cause low activity of enzymes.

Food preservation through Temperature:

Enzymes required a specific temperature for their growth. So, if we change temperature of food then we can stop the activity of enzymes.

Removal moisture:

As we know that enzyme works in the presence of water. So, removal of water which is called dehydration is used. It is most important and efficient method.

Control of pest activities:

Pest activity also reduces the quality of food. So, to reduce pest activity proper covering is first method. Some chemicals also used to reduce activity of pests. Mostly households use proper covering to prevent from insects and pests, because they eat and cause many diseases in food.


At the end in the light of above discussion we can say that food preservation is very important for the good quality of food.

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