Importance of chlorine in Human body

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Importance of chlorine in Human body and Environment

Importance of chlorine in Human body and Environment
Importance of chlorine in Human body and Environment

In this article i will describe Importance of chlorine in Human body and Environment. Chlorine is an essential mineral that is mainly obtaine from the sodium chloride or table-salt. Chorine usually doesn’t exist in an isolated form but is found in bounded or combine form as NaCl.  Chlorine is very reactive and is used to form many compound that are often used as disinfectant, clarifying agent for drinking water and in the solar panel. Biologically, its main use is for hygiene purpose. In this article, the discussion will be about the chlorine role in environmental hygiene and in human body, chlorine sources along with its deficiency issues in human body.

Environmental Role of chlorine:

Chlorine has many environmental functions to play in our lives. These may include:

  • Chlorine is use to disinfect the water in the swim pools that if not clean would cause athletes foot, rashes on skin, swimmer’s ear and diarrhea. It is mainly use to kill the pathogens that cause these diseases. It is also use to clean the drink water today that was know to cause serious diseases in the past such as cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery and hepatitis. Chlorine not only kills the parasites, viruses and bacteria in the water but also works to decrease the unwanted tastes and odors in water. It also eradicates the slime molds, algae and fungus in the water reservoirs.
  •  It is also use to make the household bleach use to disinfect the clothe, kitchen and bathroom surface. Chlorine bleach mix with water is used to kill the germs causing the mild to severe sickness in people including viruses, stomach bug, influenza and flu.
  • Chlorine is also use in manufacture pesticide and other chemical that are use to protect the food crops from insects, pests and diseases thus ensure the healthy food access.
  • It is use to make the medicines especially relieve the arthritis pain, lower the cholesterol level and allergy symptoms. It is also use to make respiratory inhalers. This is also find in surgical stitches and is use to make contact lenses, spectacles and glasses.
  • This is use to make processors power mobile phones, tablets, computers and for making silicon chips and solar panels.
  • Chlorine is also use to make the bullet proof jackets, night goggles and parachutes etc.
  • Chlorine is also use for the passenger’s safety. It is use to make the seat belts, bumpers, seat cushions etc.

In human body, chlorine’s role:|Importance of chlorine in Human body

  • Chlorine is use in the human body for manufacturing the hydrochloric acid that is further has many roles. HCl sets the stomach pH to acidic which then activates the stomach enzymes for the food digestion because they can work only in the acidic environment.
  • In the blood, chlorine makes up about the two-third of the negative ions or anions thus regulating the electrolyte balance in blood.
  • Chlorine is store in the skin, subcutaneou fat and skeleton but only up to limite amounts.
  • Chorine is effectively absorbed in the stomach and is use to make many salts in the body. It may also contribute to the bone density. Chlorine is being excrete through sweat, kidney excretion (urine) and intestinal defecation or excretion in high amounts.
  • Chlorine compounds maintains the acid-base balance of the body, regulates the pressure of extracellular fluids and the electrical neutralization.

Dietary sources of chlorine:

Chlorine’s main source is the table salt that is NaCl. It may also be present in:

  • Meat
  • Milk
  • Eggs

Chlorine deficiency issues:

When the chorine is insufficient in the human body or is not being use as that of sodium is know as the chlorin deficiency. In hot climate, when the temperature is high in surroundings and the perspiration is occurring at higher rates, the stores of chlorine are deplete. They may be replenish by the oral intake of ORS (oral rehydration solution) or through the commercially prepare solutions of chlorine intravenously in the form of drips. When the chlorine level is deplete or decrease to dangerous levels, the conditions of diarrhea, severe vomiting and cholera usually are the cause of this depletion. The decreased levels of chlorine may create the condition of alkalosis in the human body, the condition in which the ratio of the bases is higher than the acids as a result of which acid-base balance is disturb.

Conclusion:|Importance of chlorine in Human body

So, in a nutshell chlorine has much importance not in our body functions only but also in cleaning our environment and allowing us to live a healthy and germ free life.

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