Premenstrual syndrome, what to eat

Premenstrual syndrome, what to eat


premenstrual syndromePMS, which leads to nausea, lower abdominal and kidney pain, joint and bone pain, fever, colic, swelling and water retention in many women, as well as irritability (for which we are usually only teased), can be relieve at the table , indulging some cravings (salmon and dark chocolate, for example) and helping with some particular food. Here are some good things that can alleviate PMS symptoms that I picked up from this English article.
1) Consume less salt: you have cycle water retention, avoid packaged products and focus on spices. 2) Limit caffeine and alcohol: alkon increases water retention, coffee aggravates the symptoms of PMS.

3) Eat more calcium and vitamin D: Eat calcium from soy derivatives and yoghurt, eat more salmon, sardines and anchovies for vitamin D.
4) Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables: eat different kinds of colors in both fruit than in vegetables.
5) Eat whole grains: they will help you feel less bloated, increase serotonin levels and adjust your bowel regularity.
If these suggestions are not enough, remember to stimulate the increase in serotonin even more, starting with foods rich in tryptophan and those rich in serotonin: walnuts and almonds (also in the milk variants: walnut, hazelnut or almond milk), green leafy vegetables, cocoa and chocolate, bananas, brown rice and potatoes.The increase in serotonin will counteract both pain and irritability.

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