Dr. Watson’s intestinal diet or how to lose weight forever

Dr. Watson’s intestinal diet or how to lose weight forever

It all starts from the book by nutritionist Brenda Watson, The Skinny Gut Diet (something like: the diet of the lean intestine), which in Italian recently came out with the title ” Lose weight forever by helping your intestine “ (Newton Compton) and from a very up-to-date reflection on the link between diet and body weight with the bacterial intestinal flora.

A laboratory experiment was added to suggest that between a fat man and a thin man it is all a matter of different intestinal flora.

A group of researchers implanted some bacteria from the gut flora of a fat mouse in the stomach of a very thin mouse. With the same diet, that is, without changing the diet, the very thin mouse has suddenly gained weight . In short: those who digest better and have a better bacterial flora are also leaner, according to experts.

And also according to nutritionist Brenda Watson, who says that hunger cramps, cravings for sugar or fatty foods all depend on our gut flora. The intestine acts as a second brain, and makes us eat to feed now some bacteria, now others. Each of us, then, has a different bacterial flora, but the intestinal flora can be improved to allow us to lose weight forever. How? Thanks to the diet.

It is no coincidence that a diet that works without counting calories is precisely the probiotic diet, which I have already talked about here.


The recommendations for transforming our intestinal flora to lose weight  are always the same .

No to refined foods and excess sugars, yes to carbohydrates with a high fiber content, but always consuming them with limitations, i.e. few but good carbohydrates, with a low glycemic index.
And then: yogurt or probiotic drinks to drink daily.
Legumes, fruit, vegetables,

According to Watson, the more you eat this way, the less you crave the so-called wrong foods: sweets, poor quality foods, refined carbohydrates. We must in fact think of our intestinal flora as a battlefield: on the one hand the ranks of bad bacteria, which make us fat. On the other, those of good bacteria.

The intestinal flora is optimal when the battle is more or less equal (or you learn with a slight prevalence of the good bacteria: in short, the bad must never be completely eliminated but kept under control).
When bad bacteria prevail, we have various effects on health, such as allergies, candidiasis, weakness, constant craving for sweets and sugars, nervous hunger, various intestinal problems, irregularities, nutritional deficiencies. And overweight.
The more we nourish the good intestinal flora, the more we will have the tools to lose weight and never get it back. Faster metabolism, better digestion, intestinal regularity, energy, disappearance of cravings and zero hunger.

On page two you will find the menu of this diet that promises you to lose weight forever. ( FOLLOW ON PAGE TWO )

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