The Placebo Diet: Lose weight by listening to your body

The Placebo Diet: Lose weight by listening to your body

The Placebo diet is a diet that relies on lifestyle changes, starting with nutrition, to lose weight, listening to your body and its needs and reprogramming your mind (hence the name).

Designed by Dr. Janet Thomson , nutritionist and personal trainer with 25 years of experience, the Placebo diet is based on small changes to be made every day to get to build your own ideal diet.

In addition to a reference plan with a maximum and minimum number of portions (minimum for the slimming phase, maximum for the maintenance phase) for categories of foods, divided by colors, the Placebo diet consists of some rules.

These rules allow you to abandon drastic and rigid diets and align with the needs of your body.
Let’s now see the Placebo diet in detail.


  • If the food you eat doesn’t inspire you, avoid eating it necessarily.
    One of the problems with weight loss diets is that people try hard to enjoy the foods they don’t like at all, and in some cases even disgust them. We all know broccoli is a healthy food, but nowhere is it written that I have to eat it or I’m not eating a healthy diet.
    Continuing to talk about foods yes or no turns off that little voice in our brain that tells us what we like or dislike, confusing us and making us feel frustrated. But the more frustrated we are, the less we will continue the diet.
  • Eat only if you are hungry: avoid eating absent-mindedly, out of boredom, to reward yourself with something. When the stomach rumbles, well, that’s hunger.
  • A healthy diet doesn’t mean giving up the foods you love. With the Placebo diet every food is allowed, the quantities and the frequency change.
  • In the morning, before getting out of bed, imagine for a minute that you are doing things that will positively affect your weight loss and well-being.
  • Learn to use the tapping technique to free yourself from foods you can’t control in quantity.
    Read here to learn more .
    Let’s now see foods and menus.

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