Plant-based proteins against breast cancer

Plant-based proteins against breast cancer

tofu1A very large-scale survey, which has collected eighty-five studies that have been held in recent years , on a total sample of 165,000 women from all over the planet (what do you say? Can we take it for a sample large enough to be considered reliable? I would say yes), has established important nutritional relationships between food, breast cancer prevention and breast cancer survival for women who have already been operated on.

These are the results: the scholars have stated that women should eat a diet based on vegetable rather than animal proteins, which tend to be low-calorie (eat in moderation), and reduce the intake of meat and dairy products in particular. According to experts, a soy-based diet can help fight relapses but also prevent them . So yes to soy (strictly organic and no GMO) and soy products, such as soy milk, tempeh, tofu, seitan. Dr. Rachel Thompson, head of the WCRF, who conducted the investigation, specified that she does not intend to convert women to vegetarianism, but suggests that two thirds of the diet are always fruits, vegetables, whole grains. and wholemeal products. A third can be of proteins, however alternating the animal resource with the vegetable protein resource (soy and derivatives, legumes).

In short, not only too many animal proteins are bad, but a diet that is too high in protein also damages women’s health. Doctors also recommend to always keep a certain body weight, exercise and pay attention to diet for the prevention of breast cancer .

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