Get rid of stress with a balanced diet

Get rid of stress with a balanced diet

stress hormoneA balanced diet would remove stress and, as more and more studies detect an incidence of cortisol, the stress hormone, in health problems and overweight, it would allow you to lose weight and stay in shape more than any other diet! In fact, the correct diet, which contains all the foods necessary to stay fit and a complete range of nutrients (vitamins, fibers, mineral salts but also lipids, carbohydrates and proteins), is closer to a balanced diet and not to against or with the elimination of entire categories of food. In fact, even food deprivation generates stress , and this stress not only slows down the metabolism, but promotes premature aging of skin, hair, nails.
So say goodbye to protein diets, diets that exclude too many foods and disposable diets of one or two weeks. These food choices increase cortisol in the blood and undermine our attempts to lose weight in the long run. And, even worse, they make us ugly 

A correct and balanced diet with the right daily intake of water, according to Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur, would work more than any beauty cream and any supplement . Dr. Farzeen Malik, dietician, would have reached the same conclusion in the context of the relationship between balanced diet and body weight or: she does much more for her own line to change her lifestyle by trying to have a correct and conscious diet than diet and then resume everyday nutrition. Finally, some psychologists have also talked about a relationship between a balanced diet and stress: the variety in nutrition would decrease stress, since there is a close correlation between stress and food, and quality food and healthier lifestyle habits. they save us from hunting for comfort food. In short: the most stressed people eat worse , but on the other hand, if those who are stressed had good dietary rules they would be more able to deal with the stress of a bad eater and, on the other hand, would fall into fewer temptations harmful to their health. line.

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