Overweight and diabetes, the cure arrives

Overweight and diabetes, the cure arrives

And even in this case, as had already happened for the studies on the glycemic index and for those on the low content diet of Fodmap, Monash University, one of the most prestigious Australian universities, stands out for its contribution to research. And it does so with a discovery that could lead to a cure for overweight and diabetes, but beware!

Years will pass from the discovery to the creation and commercialization of the drug, so please do not write to me asking “where to buy”. However, the discovery reveals that there is one thing that works to fight overweight and diabetes, and that you all know very well indeed.

Are you curious? Here is the study.


Today, more and more scientific studies identify the cause of type 2 diabetes in a cellular problem: the mitochondria, organelles of the cell that are responsible for its energy production (and generate heat) are damaged and this causes both overweight and type diabetes. 2. How? Essentially by compromising glucose metabolism, which is our metabolic ability to convert sugars into energy and nourishment for the cells. Monash scientists, in collaboration with other institutes, have published an article in the journal Nature in which they explain that they have discovered a particular protein, IC7Fc3, which, when administered as a drug, improves sugar metabolism and therefore reduces high blood sugar, but also overweight.

How? Stimulating the growth and maintenance of lean mass.
This protein has been under observation by scientists for thirteen years.

Professor Ferraro , head of the research team, explains that the experiments on the protein so far in vitro and on guinea pigs have shown no side effects. And that if the drug were marketed we would have the first product that in one fell swoop makes both weight loss and diabetes regress.

This protein is in fact a cytokine that strengthens muscle mass, strengthens skeletal mass and improves the health of mitochondria by activating particular metabolic mechanisms.


If you have read the above, you will have automatically, I hope understood, that the effects of the protein are the same as physical activity with weights or resistances.
Reduction of osteoporosis and muscle fragility.
Increase in muscle mass.
Increased functionality of mitochondria.

So waiting for those years that will lead to having this drug in Europe and then with us, if you suffer from overweight and type 2 diabetes, there is something that can currently help you, and it is called a barbell . Or handlebar . Exercise with weights, train without exaggerating, and your health will apparently only have benefits.

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