Healthy food pizza: a scientist explains 

Healthy food pizza: a scientist explains 

 Not only does it not make you fat, but if we choose the one with ingredients typical of the Mediterranean diet, pizza is a healthy food. This is what the young doctor Silvano Gallus, epidemiologist at the Mario Nei Institute in Milan reported with his studies, who even received an unusual Nobel Prize for his research on pizza. Dr. Gallus, author of a research on pizza, explains that he has discovered that pizza reduces the risk of disease and premature death, but beware: only if produced and consumed in Italy.

The peculiarity of his research led him to win the IgNobel, an award for the most unusual and out of the ordinary research promoted by the Annals of Improbable Research (literally: the Annals of Improbable Research).
No, it is not a joke.

In 2019 Gallus received the IgNobel for his research entitled “ Does pizza protect against cancer? “.


Going to read his research, we find that by analyzing 5 thousand people at risk of cancer from 1991 to 2000, those who consumed pizza regularly had less chance of getting cancer than those who consumed pizza on an occasional or occasional basis. Like all epidemiological research, these results should not be taken at face value. However, Gallus points out that pizza made in Italy and with ingredients typical of the Mediterranean diet is an absolutely healthy meal. Because of the tomato sauce, rich in lycopene, extra virgin olive oil, and other ingredients that make Italian pizza a symbol of the Mediterranean diet. But which pizzas meet these criteria?

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