Cookie diet: Dr. Siegal’s slimming cookie recipe

Cookie diet: Dr. Siegal’s slimming cookie recipe

I had told you in the past about Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet .

This is a slimming plan that involves the consumption of nine “special” biscuits during the day, one of which in the morning with unsweetened coffee or tea, two in the morning, two or three biscuits at lunch with a sugar-free drink of your choice. , a biscuit at two in the afternoon, two for a snack.

At dinner there is a protein meal with a 150-gram serving of meat or fish or an omelet of two eggs, free vegetables and a teaspoon or two level of oil.

Despite the oddity of the diet, the cookie diet is very popular overseas.

Recently an Australian woman (pictured below) was shown to have lost over 30 pounds on this diet , without regaining it.

In total with his biscuit diet, Dr. Siegal would have cured over 500,000 people of their overweight according to official estimates.

The properties of Dr. Siegal’s slimming cookie.

Dr. Siegal’s slimming cookie at the base of the diet contains 60 calories, but the recipe was always a business secret until there was an obligation to include the ingredient list in the package.
It is therefore not just any biscuit.
The famous biscuit contains in fact a mix of fibers and proteins that promote satiety.

And even if the recipe has never been released, there is one provided by a former client of the program that is very similar to the famous doctor’s slimming cookie, and that in fact has the same list of ingredients. However, I had to work hard to find the perfect recipe, amid indiscretions and other information.

For those curious to try it, here is the recipe for the slimming cookie.

Although the diet is restrictive (about 1000-1200 calories) and should not be done without the advice of a doctor, this recipe can be useful for those who want to have a satiating sweet on hand.
The public because it has a good ingredient list, it is balanced, it is an effective alternative to industrial products.
For example we can eat 3 biscuits for breakfast with a coffee or a tea without sugar, two biscuits as a snack and have a protein dinner and a meal with half a portion of pasta or rice to keep fit plus lots of vegetables and two fruit snacks between meals. .

In the links in pink you will find the ingredients 

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