Organize holidays with children

Organize holidays with children

For a holiday with children to be truly successful, it must be organized in detail: starting from the choice of destination and means of transport, up to the preparation of the luggage.

Organize holidays with children

How to organize a nice holiday with the children? A lot, of course, depends on the age but also on the number and interests of the little travelers. Especially the first few times, organizing a holiday with children can be a source of stress, but a few small tricks are enough to make the trip an unforgettable experience for the whole family .

Holidays with children: the choice of place

The first question we ask ourselves when we want to organize a vacation is: where are we going? The choice of place is, in fact, a fundamental element.

For example, with preschool-aged children it can be very complicated to visit a large city of art, in which the daily movements could be stressful and long, while it may be more appropriate to orientate oneself to a small city and / or one that allows you to visit. places of great interest for the little ones, for example an aquarium or a large theme park with games.

Nature is always a winning choice , from the sea , to the countryside, to the woods, to the mountains.

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Holidays with children: where to stay?

It also depends a little on the budget, of course. A more generous budget allows you to find your way around one of the many hotels for families now present almost everywhere, while evaluating the services well, both for leisure and for meals. For example, it is very useful that there are various menus and / or the possibility of preparing meals for the little ones yourself.

In addition, it is very useful that there are spaces where you can play, even indoors, in case of bad weather , and entertainment and / or baby-sitting activities, in order to be able to manage “dead times” in a more relaxed way .

An equally comfortable but cheaper alternative is the apartment , which always offers a lot of freedom, even in the preparation and times of meals, and enough space. A smart idea is to study its location well and make sure, for example, that it is close to a park or other places that can be enjoyed with children at various times of the day.

Less suitable are those facilities that would confine you to a room and force you to eat out every day. They may be fine for adults, but when traveling with children having more space and more freedom of movement makes the adventure a lot easier.

Holidays with children: which means of transport?

For short journeys, the car is probably the most comfortable solution because it allows you to have a freedom of timetables, movements and loads to carry around that is not granted by other means of transport. For lovers of the genre, nice camper is also an excellent solution .

For longer journeys, the plane is the most painless solution because it greatly reduces travel times which, especially with the little ones, can be heavy. The night train journey in a sleeping car should also be considered .

Especially if you are traveling by car (but also by train), a smart idea is to take advantage of the hours of sleep , starting at a time when we already know that the little ones will probably fall asleep, so that they will stay good at least for a part of the journey.

It is also essential, with any means of transport, to take objects with you to entertain them, according to taste and age. And never miss some natural snacks to munch on and, of course, water.

Holidays with children: things not to forget absolutely

When traveling with children, especially small ones, you always carry a lot of stuff with you. Traveling loaded – however – is never a good idea, even with children. Therefore, even when you are traveling by car and you have more space available, it is better to focus on what is truly indispensable. Above all, don’t forget:

Documents . Check that the whole family has identification cards that are still valid and not expiring or expired and, in the case of trips abroad, check in advance whether special permits and / or visas are needed .

Medicines and first aid kits . Patches, thermometer, antipyretic, antihistamine, cortisone, antidiarrheal and, in summer, a good sunscreen.

Electronic devices and sockets . In addition to the phone and tablet, do not forget the charger and remember that in many foreign countries the sockets are different from the Italian ones, so starting with a suitable adapter simplifies things a lot.

If you are traveling by plane, check the baggage policies carefully and check the general rules , for example those for transporting liquids.

Last but not least, as soon as age permits, prepare the children before departure by explaining to them what the stages of the journey will be; for example, that at the airport you have to pass some security checks, that the journey will be long or that it will be short, that on the plane your ears can hurt, etc.

A prepared child knows what awaits him , feels more involved and, most likely, will be more peaceful.

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