Blend of essential oils for skin with blackheads

Blend of essential oils for skin with blackheads

How to treat skin with blackheads thanks to the use of essential oils, useful for treating but also for preventing

Blend of essential oils for skin with blackheads

Blackheads in the skin are caused by excess sebum: let’s see how essential oils can help us.

Sebum and blackheads

Sebum is a lipid substance normally produced by the body to protect the skin and its hydrolipidic layer.

The sebaceous glands are found on the entire surface of the body but are concentrated in greater quantities on some portions: the face is one of them.

When the sebum is produced in balanced quantities and when its excess is normally disposed of, the skin is hydrated and elastic. On the other hand, when the sebaceous production is abnormal or its disposal not sufficiently carried out by the skin, the phenomenon of blackheads can occur.

Blackheads form when the excess sebum present in the hair follicles oxidizes when it comes into contact with the air.

In this case it is often led to the mechanical removal of blackheads, squeezing them or using too aggressive products, believing that “degreasing” the skin solves the problem; On the other hand, the phenomenon of blackheads can become more acute: the skin can in fact be inflamed or respond with a further production of sebum to rebalance the hydration lost with scrubs and cleansing of the skin that is too aggressive.

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Essential oils for skin with blackheads: steam baths and vaporized blend

The first step is to cleanse the skin in a gentle and respectful way .

Essential oils are a notable help in case of blackheads: both for cleansing the face and for prevention.

First of all, it is necessary to free the follicles from excess sebum and allow the skin to breathe . To do this, you can use steam baths : in a pot of boiling water, dissolve a drop of lavender essential oil for every half liter of water , expose your face to steam, covering the top of the head and sides with a towel, to ten minutes.

After the steam bath, the skin of the face is cleansed with the following mixture vaporized by spray:

> half a liter of still water
> 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
> 2 drops of bergamot essential oil
> 2 drops of lavender essential oil .

It is sprayed lightly on the face and massaged lightly with a glove or a microfibre cloth .

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Blend of essential oils for the prevention of blackheads

Once the balls have been cleaned in a respectful way, a mixture can be used to prevent the formation of blackheads and to soften any that may still be present.

> 30 ml of almond oil
> 5 drops of lavender essential oil
> 5 drops of lemongrass or lemongrass essential oil
> 5 drops of sage essential oil
> 5 drops of thyme essential oil .

A small amount of oil is spread on clean skin and lightly massaged with the fingers until absorbed. It is then dabbed with a tissue to remove excess oils. This mixture should be used every night until the problem is resolved.

Causes of blackheads

The onset of blackheads can be attributed to many causes : hormonal changes, unbalanced diet, lack of gentle cleansing of the skin.

For some schools of thought, blackheads can also be associated with emotion retention phenomena or an unconscious desire to push others away .

It can denote imbalances in the sphere of relationships and contact with others: the skin is in fact a business card and organ through which one relates to the outside world.

Preventing the onset of blackheads also means investigating the underlying reasons and resolving them.

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