Oolong tea for weight loss and rejuvenation

Oolong tea for weight loss and rejuvenation

What is oolong tea? Raise your hand if you know the properties of this very special tea, called blue or qing tea and available for sale in the traditional or ” semi- fermented ” way : it is a special type of very dark tea (the name oolong is pronounced “wulòng”, means “black dragon” and would refer to its particular appearance), of southern Chinese and Taiwanese origins. It is obtained with a special drying process of the leaves of Camelia sinensis , and has a quantity of caffeine and antioxidant substances called catechins(we also find them in acai berries and green tea) which would favor an awakening of the metabolism and an easier disposal of fats according to some research. Not only that: oolong tea also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and therefore is a valid ally against advancing age , we can define it as one of the key foods that we can take daily as an elixir of beauty and youth. In addition to fighting free radicals, oolong tea would increase bone density, skin tone, and health of the teeth. In addition to caffeine and catechins, oolong tea has many vitamins and mineral salts : for example calcium, magnesium, folic acid, manganese, potassium, vitamins A, B, C, E and K.
Just like green tea,Oolong tea is therefore advertised as a natural fat burner , which would speed up the metabolism and promote the thermogenesis of lipids: in short, it is one of the most recommended teas for reducing body weight.

Obviously, don’t imagine being able to drink tea and lose so many pounds that you have to have breakfast with a sacher every morning. If you drank one or two more coffees a day you would get the same result, the difference is that oolong tea has fewer side effects than coffee despite the presence of caffeine.(which we also find in black tea and green tea) and appears to lower blood cholesterol, as well as its antioxidant power which certainly makes it safer than two more cups of coffee. Last but not least, oolong tea, by reducing the absorption of fats, is indicated for people suffering from high cholesterol, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, has a mild effect of reducing the absorption of sugars and reduces the effects. eczema . In short, it would be highly recommended not only as an “adjuvant” in weight loss, but also as a healthy drink for those suffering from obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes, perhaps instead of normal coffee. That is, ‘na tazzulella e’ coffee less and a cup of oolong tea more to lose weight, rejuvenate and gain health.

How to drink it in order to have all these properties at its best? If we want to enjoy its effects on extra pounds and health, we should drink about three cups a day. Buy it in leaves to leave to infuse at least five minutes in hot water (boil it and turn it off two or three minutes before, it must not be boiling), instead of in sachets. Where can we find it? I show you this link , where it costs less, but even in a normal herbal medicine you should be able to get it : I recommend the semi-fermented one, which helps intestinal regularity.
Do you know what I do? I run to buy it.

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