Lucuma powder: my review

Lucuma powder: my review

lucumafruttiIn this article I was talking about lucuma powder as a sweetener : I had included it because we insistently hear about new natural sweeteners , and lucuma powder is “passed off” for one of these. Also, I tasted a friend’s lucuma cookies, which she later told me she also added honey to sweeten. Too bad that, against a cost that is not exactly for all budgets (the 200 gram bag costs about 12 euros, I bought it from the organic and it was this ), the lucuma powder is NOT AT ALL a sweetener: in short, it does not sugar, it has a sweet and pleasant taste but it is an impalpable powder, of the consistency of flour, so to speak, it does not dissolve in liquids (you would never put a spoonful of flour in your coffee expecting it to melt) and at the most it can be put in yogurt or some cream (mixing well and little by little, otherwise it makes lumps) to give a slightly fruity flavor. They say they make ice cream for us. Of course. But it doesn’t sugar.
The flavor is similar to that of mango. Here, imagine a powder that tastes like dried mango in the mouth. Everywhere you will find it described as a sugar substitute: but it just doesn’t exist! At most it can be a flavoring!

On Amazonin fact, we find those who comment on it as follows: “Unfortunately, the flavor and sweetness is not even reminiscent of the fruit”. The flavor and sweetness do not in the least recall the sweetness of the fruit. And I believe you.
To clarify your ideas I tell you that I used it what it is: lucuma powder is not a sweetener, but at most it aromatizes with a slightly sweet and fruity flavor of smoothies (use it in this case not in addition to the smoothie already ready, but sooner, or it won’t melt), firm yoghurts, cookies, sweets or pancakes, not as a substitute for sugar, but as an addition. If you expect to substitute it for sugar and taste the same sweet, the answer is no. Being rich in vitamins and minerals, it is a tonic superfruit, a food useful for integrating sweets with vitamins and minerals, including iron. However, being sweet and caloric, in my opinion it makes more sense to really talk about a superfruit and a natural tonic than a sweetener. It is useful for athletes who want to add low GI sugars to their protein shakes (but even there, just put a banana), I made an excellent chocolate cake, it releases energy slowly because it is low glycemic index, but it does not sugar. It is not a sugar substitute. In no way .
I would tell companies to review the cards rather than offering products they misunderstand the use. Amen.

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