Natural tonics for the face

Natural tonics for the face

In just a few steps, here’s how to prepare three simple natural tonics for the face, one of the secrets of Japanese women’s radiant, compact and perfectly cleansed skin, to shine with beauty every morning!

Natural tonics for the face

The tonic is the sun on the face every morning

With the warm season, even the skin of the face needs to shine again, with freshness and without frills. We already know how it is possible to prepare  do-it -yourself natural tonics based on natural products, such as blueberry , chamomile , cucumber and coconut milk .

Let’s see here to deepen and add new beauty rituals that have the tonic as the protagonist, all natural and based on other excellent aids that nature makes available to us: green tea, apple vinegar and rice water . 

Green tea ice cubes, a tonic within reach of the freezer

Rich in useful substances, such as polyphenols , flavonoids or tannins , which help slow down the aging action of free radicals, green tea is a precious ally for the whole organism, both internally and externally.

Thanks to its anti-aging and revitalizing action , green tea is also an excellent ally for the beauty of the skin , especially that of the face. To make the most of it, there is no need to buy expensive creams, just get the precious and thin leaves strictly organic and in purity, that is without other ingredients or added aromas at the herbalist’s shop or at the tea shops.

How is green tea used as a tonic? Bring a little mineral water to a boil in a saucepan, remove from the heat and add a teaspoon of dried green tea leaves, allowing them to rest overnight. In the morning, the tea is filtered and poured into the special container for the preparation of ice cubes and placed in the freezer.

Once awake, go down to the kitchen and make it a habit, after cleaning the skin and before the serum or moisturizer, to pass a cube thus obtained on the skin of the face , very quickly and without dwelling on the most fragile areas such as the eye contour. The skin of the face will thus be much more toned and the texture much more refined, giving you a naturally more compact complexion. 

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Apple vinegar, a special tonic

Strictly organic apple cider vinegar is a precious ally for the skin, as it is able to clean, clean and disinfect it in depth. Its use as a tonic is highly recommended, but be careful if your skin is too sensitive.

You can proceed in three ways : you can use it in purity in the morning, for cleansing and to give tone to the skin, before the moisturizer, passing it gently on a cotton pad; otherwise, if the smell is too strong, you can aromatize it with lavender leaves and flowers , with rose or mint petals, leaving them to infuse in the bottle for a couple of weeks and shaking it often.

Finally , you can use the vinegar diluted with mineral water in a bottle with a spray dispenser that you will apply gently by vaporizing on the face with your eyes closed, and then remove with a cotton swab or sponge. 

Rice water, delicate tonic

A special water, rich in precious vitamins and antioxidants, the liquid obtained from rice is also a beauty secret that comes from the Far East . In addition to refining the skin texture, rice water helps to clean it in a gentle and non-invasive way, keeping it fresh and hydrated.

We proceed by soaking the raw rice in a basin full of mineral water; a couple of small handfuls of strictly organic rice grains are sufficient. After mixing it with a wooden spoon, the resulting whitish water, rich in starch, is filtered into a clean, hermetic bottle . It is kept in a cool place, preparing this tonic every five / six days because it “expires”, then it is spent in the morning on the face with the help of a cotton pad. 

It remains only for you to discover, experiment, feel and observe how your skin reacts to these three completely natural tonics !

Reading tips : “Seven Japanese beauty rites” by Elodie-Joy Jaubert, Sonzogno editions. “The skin and natural cosmetics” by Giulia Penazzi.

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