How to defend yourself from electrosmog

How to defend yourself from electrosmog

What is electrosmog? Pollution derived from electromagnetic fields. Let’s get to know the natural and artificial sources of electrosmog and know the tips to avoid this type of pollution.

How to defend yourself from electrosmog

When we talk about electrosmog we refer to the pollution that derives from the exposure of non-ionized electromagnetic fields also known by the abbreviation CEM.

Any household appliance or other electrical object produces electromagnetic waves that propagate in the environment creating this electrosmog field.

In reality, electromagnetic fields are naturally present in the environment around us but artificial sources over the course of human history have increased significantly and exposure to electrosmog is becoming an increasingly serious problem.

It becomes important to know this topic precisely because the continuous exposure to these electromagnetic fields can endanger our health, especially that of children and the elderly.

Natural and artificial electromagnetic fields

Natural sources of electromagnetism have always been around us like the stars and the sun but also below us as in the subsoil from which a natural electromagnetic field is released. even during meteorological phenomena we have natural electromagnetic fields.

Artificial electromagnetic fields have become too abundant in our times and to understand where they come from, we can obviously remember cell phones with smartphones among the first, the microwave oven, the WIFI network, the monitors and the television, the answering machines, faxes and printers, clock radios, high-voltage cables, TV antennas and telephone and radio repeaters, washing machines, dishwashers and any other household appliances we have at home and in the office, so as not to think about satellite signals.

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Danger of electrosmog

To evaluate the parameters of the electromagnetic fields and therefore also the related risk for our health we will have to learn to measure various physical factors such as the frequency in Hertz , the power that is measured in Watts and also the exposure time and the distance from the source.

The limit threshold of the waves has been marked at 2450 Mhz which is the maximum possible for household appliances in fact the microwave is just close to this threshold. In recent years, cell phone technology is also coming to touch the threshold and we are around 2200 Mhz .

This parameter serves to give a limit because the electromagnetic fields cause a heating of the water molecules and our body is made up of over 80% of this substance.

However, in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified non-ionized electromagnetic fields as carcinogenic substances for humans and classified them in group 2B of carcinogens together with substances such as DDT, lead, chloroform and gasoline. .

Effects of exposure to electrosmog

Usually the ailments that are felt in case of excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields are tiredness,  insomnia , general weakness, headache , nausea , memory problems and lack of concentration , confusion and also states of depression and anxiety.

Tips to defend yourself from electrosmog

Even if measures and guides to reduce exposure to electrosmog have not yet been officially declared, we can still rely on common sense .

For cell phones it is advisable to use the earphone in order to keep the source further away and it is therefore also recommended not to carry the cell phone close to the body, especially in the pockets near the genitals or the heart. The cell phone near the head for example at night on the bedside table maybe even connected to the electricity network to recharge it is a bad habit much better to put it at least 2 or 3 meters away from the bed.

Remembering to disconnect Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and location is another good tip . This applies to anything that works wirelessly, so choose wired equipment instead. Finally, the use of mobile phones is to be limited both for adults and especially in the hands of children who are even more sensitive than us to electromagnetic fields.

In fact , the babyphones must be kept away from the baby’s bed at least by at least 2 meters and buy those that have a function that works with voice activation and when there is silence they are off.

Also for household appliances, the advice is to keep them away from the sleeping area, especially from the wall where your bed is positioned. It would also be good to remember to disconnect the stand-by at night which is that red light indicating the on status of the electronic device. The home electrical network could also have a general switch that turns off all the sockets in the living area with the exception of the refrigerator .

In addition to the home, the sources of electrosmog also come from outside, so areas with antennas, repeaters and high voltage power lines or power lines should be avoided.

An aid to lowering the electrosmog is also to use humidifiers and ionizers for the air in order to make the quality of your environment healthier.

Finally, there are systems to reduce the electrosmog that comes from nature: one are some types of plants that help to lower indoor pollution and the second is the use of graphite which is a natural mineral that protects against electromagnetic waves and can be put in shielding panels or liquid like paint just to stop electro smog.

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