Manganese for the skin

Manganese for the skin

Manganese is a trace mineral that can be taken to protect the body from allergic reactions. Particularly indicated when skin rashes occur, but also to synthesize collagen and elastin

Manganese for the skin

There are minerals in nature that are very important for the well-being of our body and which perform a modulating and rebalancing action.

One of these is manganese which , among the various recognized properties, has that of synthesizing collagen and elastin .

Not only that, if we consider Dr. Ménétrier’s theory of diathesis, manganese as a trace element is indicated for diathesis , the allergic type, and is particularly useful in case of reactive manifestations, including those that appear on the skin and generally referred to as dermatitis .

Let’s see in detail how manganese benefits the skin.

Manganese for the beauty of the skin

Manganese as mentioned has many functions, in our body it is mainly found in the bones , but we can integrate it with trace elements.

It contributes to the formation of connective tissue , cartilage and synovial fluid .

Manganese also acts as an antioxidant , or rather activates some enzymes that perform antioxidant actions to protect cells.

In case of manganese deficiency, the skin appears dry , the nails flake and the hair weakens and appears gray.

We can therefore integrate this important trace element with disposable vials every other day and enrich our diet with:

bran ; 
oats ; 
legumes ; 
rice ;
fish ;
rye bread ;
ginger ;
saffron ;
cardamom ;
cinnamon ;
turmeric ;

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.Manganese for skin health

We have mentioned dermatitis and in any case to those irritative manifestations given by a particular sensitivity or even allergy.

In case of skin rashes, rashes, redness, itching and desquamation if of an allergic nature such as atopic dermatitis , or contact dermatitis, they can be controlled, reduced and prevented with the intake of manganese in trace elements .

The remedy is very effective and can also be taken in prevention , because, according to the indications of oligotherapy , it is able to inhibit or modulate the organism’s reactive response.

Therefore allergic subjects who manifest reactive problems especially in the spring and summer season can start using manganese or even manganese and copper as early as the beginning of the year, in January.

How to take the trace element manganese

The trace elements  are in liquid form, we find them on the market in the form of disposable vials;  they are taken sublingually, with a clean mouth and an empty stomach, between meals.  

Manganese can be taken every other day for about 2 months unless otherwise specified.

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