Natural remedies for dry skin

Natural remedies for dry skin

How to moisturize very dry skin? What treatments to use? Are there any effective natural remedies? Let’s find out

Natural remedies for dry skin

From olive oil to sweet almond oil, let’s explore remedies that have a strong moisturizing power on the skin.

Grandma’s natural remedies 

Our grandmothers to moisturize the skin of the face and body often used olive oil and it worked, it really worked. Olive oil is in fact one of the two best known natural remedies for dry skin; the other is sweet almond oil . Both can be used on both face and body skin and have a strong moisturizing power .

Sweet almond oil has a more neutral smell; in both cases, it is possible to customize the oil in order to give it the desired fragrance; to do this, just pour a few drops of your favorite essence.

For ease of use, the oil should be put in a small bottle, preferably one with a dropper that can be found in herbal medicine. Another effective natural remedy for dry skin is coconut oil , but be careful to buy it 100% natural.

Masks for dry face skin

Among the natural remedies for dry facial skin there are some masks that can be easily prepared at home; simple and cheap, as effective. Here is one.

Mask with honey and rosehip oil


> an egg yolk
> a tablespoon of rosehip oil
> a teaspoon of honey


Put the egg yolk, the spoonful of rosehip oil and the honey in a glass bowl. Beat everything well until the mixture is rather homogeneous. Spread it on the skin of the face and keep it on for about 10 minutes. Then remove it with warm water and a soft face sponge.

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Diet as the first natural remedy for dry skin 

Natural remedies for dry skin always and in any case start from a correct diet; the skin must in fact be hydrated first of all from the inside .

The first rule is to drink a lot of water , at least two liters a day; especially in summer, it is very important to consume an adequate quantity of fruit and vegetables ; you should expect 5 portions a day.

Other foods that help keep the skin hydrated from the inside are honey and yogurt both can also be used externally, in the preparation of masks or creams for dry skin.

Honey can also be used pure, to be applied on the face , as if it were a mask , and keep on for about ten minutes. Another natural remedy for dry skin, which works from the inside, is borage oil ; you can buy it in the form of pearl tablets in pharmacies and herbalists.

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