Bones, ailments and all remedies

Bones, ailments and all remedies

Bones are hard organs made up of bone tissue. They perform numerous functions, not only mechanical and supportive, but also of a metabolic type, representing a reserve of mineral salts and fats. Let’s find out more about how to treat them and keep them healthy.

>   Anatomical description of the bones

>   Natural treatments and therapies

>   Yoga for the bones

>   Traditional Chinese Medicine

>   Other disciplines for bones

>   Bone facts

Human skeleton and bones

Anatomical description of the bones

The bones of our body, connected by joints and joints, allow movement, are robust and at the same time light; under the external, compact part, there are thin frames.

Like other organs in the body, bones grow, they are alive. If we want, our bone structure is similar to a beautiful basilica : the skull has the shape of a dome, the long bones perform the function of the columns, the feet are the base.

Many bones work together, as in the case of the elbow, knee and foot, where the bones that must move in contact with the others have a very smooth and continuously lubricated outer surface.

All bones weigh, dry, about 4 pounds . In the empty interior of the large bones we find “laboratory cells” which continuously manufacture red blood cells and participate in the formation of the marrow .

Natural bone treatments and therapies 

Bone protection goes through the table and the foods you choose to bring with you . Prefer vegetable proteins to animal ones. Animal proteins – contained in fish, birds, red meat, eggs, and dairy products – tend to deplete the bone calcium, and favor its loss through the urine.

Vegetable  proteins – contained in legumes, cereals and vegetables – do not seem to have this effect.

Against osteoporosis , green light for broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, green cabbage, crucifers, chard, and other green vegetables are very rich in calcium in a highly assimilable form, and a source of other important nutrients. Legumes are very rich in calcium and magnesium, essential for bone formation. A dish of baked beans contains over 100 mg of calcium, which is essential for bones .

In case of calcium deficiency , it is possible to supplement it by resorting to natural food supplements or phytotherapy .

The habit of smoking , then, hinders the absorption of calcium. A study in monozygotic twins showed that when one of the twins had been a smoker for many years while the other twin was not, the smoking twin had a more than 40% higher risk of fractures.

Vitamin D , which is mainly taken when exposed to the sun, is also essential for maintaining healthy bones.

Discover the benefits of the sun and movement for the prevention of osteoporosis

Preventing osteoporosis with the sun


Yoga is a low-impact discipline that can help fortify bones , positively acting on masa and their density.

Furthermore, the Greeting to the Sun, practiced regularly and following the right breathing, or some positions such as Libra, favor the sense of balance and therefore reduce the possibility of those falls that expose everyone to fractures, especially the elderly.

A little yogic practice to prevent arthritis : in the early morning, and for at least a week, get up and rub the body until the skin turns red, then take a cold shower.

In the Ayurvedic tradition the foods considered useful for the musculoskeletal system are cinnamon , coconuts, ginger , curry on brown rice, grains of wheat .

Traditional Chinese Medicine

In traditional Chinese medicine the Bones are in hard-soft relationship with the Medolli, they constitute their structure. In Chinese symbolism the Bones are the perfect expression of purified matter, the vital impulse of the Jing that takes on a tangible concreteness.

In the Taoist tradition it is stated that, at the moment of death, the Po who offer resistance to the idea of ​​abandoning the body, take refuge in the bone.

In Chinese “moral integrity” is said Po Gu Qi (or Gu Ch’i) or Qi (Ch’i) of the Bones. In the Bones rests the profound essence of an individual .


Other disciplines

To deal with osteoporosis, a multitherapy based on the contemporary use of Chinese acupuncture and preparations based on herbs and medicinal plants can be adopted .

Tai chi chuan and Qi gong work on stability and balance, they help prevent the risk of fractures and ailments such as osteoporosis.

These disciplines decrease the likelihood of falls, major causes of bone fractures, especially of the femoral neck, so frequent in elderly people. In principle, the benefit that is derived from it is due to the way in which, by practicing these arts, the “marrow” stimulates the activity of regeneration and bone structuring.


Bone facts

Peak Bone Mass (PMO) is the amount of bone mineral tissue present at the end of growth; it is reached around 16-18 years for females and around 20-22 for males .

Bone loss begins between the ages of 35-45 in women and between the ages of 40-50 in men; for both it has been estimated at 0.3-1% per year, although in the years around the menopause it can rise to around 1-5% per year (as a result of the reduced secretion of estrogen by the ovarian tissue) .

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