Natural remedies for dark circles

Natural remedies for dark circles

They appear due to stress, excessive fatigue, unregulated diet or so, because everyone in the family has them: dark circles can disturb when they are too accentuated and where makeup does not want to be the solution to the problem, here are some natural remedies to improve the skin tone of the face and give new light to the face.

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Dark circles, what is it?

We all know, they appear as dark bluish shadow areas in the sub-ocular area, sometimes even with bulges. They can occur in both men and women, indiscriminately.

The causes of dark circles are of different nature:

  • genetic predisposition : it is often a characteristic of all members of the same family;
  • microcirculation problems  with circulatory stasis in the orbital region. The bluish color is caused by the blood vessels covered only by a thin layer of skin;
  • skin aging , also due to excessive exposure to UV rays, dehydration with thinning of the skin,
  • excessive pigmentation due to the presence of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin ) in the dermis;
  • iron deficiency ;
  • fatigue , stress;
  • incorrect lifestyle .

Chinese medicine and the eye

The eye is strongly connected with many energy meridians including those of the Liver, Stomach-Spleen-Pancreas, Urinary Bladder. Let’s see how.

  • Liver : The eyes are connected to the liver blood, which reaches the eyes through the blood vessels.
  • Stomach : The Stomach Meridian arises in its path just below the eye socket. The Spleen controls the eyelids and the muscles that regulate their opening and closing.
  • Urinary Bladder : the Bladder meridian arises in the inner corner of the eye, wraps around the eye socket.

The area under the eyes represents the Yang of Kidney and provides some information about the possible imbalances involving this system:

  • Swollen area : insufficient Yang energy of the kidney, possible prolapse, incontinence or impotence
  • Wrinkled area : possible metabolic disorders or prolapses
  • Dark-colored area : kidney Yang void due to excessive exploitation of vital energies, for work, stress, insomnia , sexual activity

Dark circles, let’s rebalance the lifestyle

Dark circles can be constitutional, a feature of a person’s appearance; however, sometimes they also arise due to an incorrect lifestyle . Let’s try to start by intervening on our habits and follow some simple rules:

  1. Sleep well : the ideal sleep duration , according to a recent scientific survey, is 7 hours; therefore we dedicate the right time and space to rest, to take care of our person;
  2. Limit smoking : the nicotine contained in the cigarette favors the appearance of dark circles;
  3. Follow a correct diet, with proper hydration, a sufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, a moderate consumption of alcohol and fats and a little salt;
  4. Attention to stress : we try to counteract it with physical activity, engaging hobbies, rest.

If the dark circles are due to “dead batteries”, as Chinese Medicine shows us, we help our kidneys to recharge . They are organs that need heat, their energy is essential for the proper functioning of the organism and is “read in the face”.

Warm salt packs against dark circles

A homemade remedy that improves the condition of dark circles because it serves to recharge the kidneys are hot salt compresses to be applied to the lumbar belt. Heat 1 kilo of coarse salt in an expanded pan. Salt crystals have the property of heating up quickly and releasing heat in contact with a colder surface, an osmotic exchange, during which they absorb waste substances. 

Once warm (you can check it by placing your hand on it), it is poured into a long enough cloth bag, so that you can cover your back from side to side. The heat it releases will deeply tone the kidneys, absorb toxins and promote filtering . The advice is to carry out this practice in the evening, the quality of sleep will also improve.

Natural remedies for dark circles

There are no miraculous remedies to eliminate dark circles and bags, but certainly some precautions can greatly improve the condition of the skin in the periocular areas, tone it, lighten it and give the eye a rested appearance.

We have natural remedies for dark circles available to make them less evident, to be prepared comfortably at home:

  • For example, it is possible to apply cold compresses on dark circles, with a cotton pad soaked with an infusion of chamomile , mauve or  cornflower , for a “vasoconstricting” effect and a decongestant action that will help temporarily attenuate dark circles. A few drops of argan oil can be added to the cold infusion of chamomile, mallow or cornflower . Argan oil , thanks to its properties, also helps to combat wrinkles and skin aging.
  • Another home remedy are the famous cucumber or potato slices , which remain among the cheapest and fastest tricks, suitable even for the laziest. However, the potato or cucumber slices must be very cold . It is therefore necessary to cut the chosen vegetable into round slices of about two centimeters, wash them under running water and keep them in the freezer for a few minutes, lie down on the sofa or bed, and apply them on the dark circles; change them as soon as they warm up and continue the treatment for about 15/20 minutes. In the same session, you can use potatoes and cucumber together, first using the potato for about ten minutes and then the cucumber for the same amount of time. First it is recommended to spread a few drops of around the dark circlesolive oil or sweet almond oil . After application, carefully and gently cleanse the dark circles area.
  • Bicarbonate : it is possible to prepare masks with bicarbonate to relieve bags and dark circles. Bicarbonate has purifying and antibacterial properties . It stimulates the microcirculation and exerts a relaxing and decongestant activity. In a cup of chamomile, lime or green tea infusion, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda, then with the help of a soaked cotton pad, apply the mixture all over the eye area.

Specific creams for dark circles

On the market there are phytopreparations for cosmetic use or very effective for nourishing the skin around the eyes. The active ingredients to be preferred are those based on hyaluronic acid , argan oil , in serum or cream, according to the needs of the skin.

  • Hyaluronic acid enters deeply, hydrates , supports the availability of collagen to plump the tissues and “quench their thirst”.
  • Argan oil is a phytonutrient , for impoverished, thin skin right in the peri-ocular tract.
  • Camellia oil to lighten the tissues , in case of dark circles from melanocytes, gotu kola extract to drain bags and swellings, are further ingredients that we can look for in the eye contour fluids in trusted herbalists!

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