Natural muscle relaxants, when to prefer them

Natural muscle relaxants, when to prefer them

Natural muscle relaxants can be used in case of psychosomatic or chronic problems. This allows to keep under control the phenomena of muscle stiffening and contractures with prolonged intake without contraindications for the liver and kidneys.

Natural muscle relaxants, when to prefer them

Muscle spasms, uncontrolled stiffening, tensions that pour on the muscles but depart from the central nervous system, bruises from sports trauma, are all conditions that can create debilitating problems, which reduce personal autonomy and limit the possibility of movement.

In the case of acute transient conditions, the drug is the remedy with the most immediate effects, which allows you to return to an active and normal life in a short time, without complications.

There are various types with different mechanisms of action, from anesthetics to antispasmodics, which act either only on the muscle portion, or also involve the skeletal muscles and the nervous system.

When to choose natural muscle relaxants

If, on the other hand, it is a matter of chronic conditions, or of a psychosomatic nature , for which the origin of muscle stiffening comes “from afar” and recurs periodically, it is advisable to prefer natural muscle relaxants , which act in more diluted times, often not only approaching the symptom but also the cause, they can be associated with other natural remedies and work in synergy and above all they do not have dangerous undesirable effects on the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Let’s see which natural muscle relaxants to prefer in case of headaches , back pain , neck pain, night cramps

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What are natural muscle relaxants?

In nature there are plants and minerals that have relaxing properties, both of the central nervous system and of the smooth and striated muscle bands and can be used in synergy to improve muscle tension conditions. Some act by sending messages to the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA, which presides over the alternations of muscle tension / relaxation in a circuit of neuronal messages.


Magnesium is a highly effective mineral with muscle relaxant properties. It acts on the GABA circuit and improves the conditions of muscle contracture, but not only, it counteracts stress , fatigue and improves the quality of sleep .

In fact, magnesium  is present in the bones , muscles and brain . It is possible to take it as a supplement with dosages indicated by the doctor as needed .

Even the  Epsom salts dissolved in the hot water of the tub are effective in dissolving muscle tension and act as muscle relaxants through epidermal absorption.


Chamomile is a natural muscle relaxant that acts on smooth muscles, in particular that of the gastrointestinal system, thanks to the presence of flavonoids .

It is therefore indicated in case of abdominal spasms and as an anti-inflammatory if in the presence of gastritis and colitis. It also has a mildly sedative action.


Natural muscle relaxant hemp , a delicate subject especially for its legal use, we are dealing here in a purely informative manner. Cannabis Sativa is the type of hemp indicated for therapeutic use and its active ingredient of scientific interest is Thc .

In the human brain there are specific cannabinoid receptors which, when solicited by the substance, are able to moderate the perception of pain, therefore it works as an analgesic , this also allows you to relax the muscles.

In particular, cannabis sativa is effective in case of muscle spasms as it reaches the receptors located in the cerebellum that oversee motor functions .


Hops also  belong to the Cannabaceae family, and female inflorescences are used (it is a dioecious plant with male and female specimens).

It has sedative, spasmolytic and more, even eupeptic and diuretic properties . It acts on the central nervous system and is indicated as a muscle relaxant in the presence of muscle contractures due to conditions of stress, anxiety that somatic level on cervical and lumbar portions of the back or on the gastric wall.

It is possible to use hops in hydroalcoholic extract for a targeted effect.

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