Meditation in pregnancy to prevent pain

Meditation in pregnancy to prevent pain

Pain is a reality to be faced with your head held high. But that doesn’t mean we have to blindly accept it in all its forms. What better and more natural way than meditation to deal with the pains of pregnancy?


During the nine months of pregnancy , meditation is a highly recommended practice, from conception to birth.

Meditating helps to connect with the child growing inside the womb, to visualize and make his emotions his own and vice versa, in a conscious way. In this way it is possible to understand the underlying reasons for the baby’s movements and its movements within the uterus, which helps prevent various forms of pain.

Meditation helps to free oneself from the stress  of everyday life and from the archetypal fears that can manifest themselves in the mother’s psyche and which are biologically translated into unbalanced hormonal discharges.

nervous system made more solid by the regular practice of meditation can manage these emotional discharges and establish compassion, understanding, empathy, connection and trust, all qualities that the child will begin to become familiar with before he even sees the light.

Visualization in pregnancy

The first tool in this practice is visualization . Viewing soothing images and soothing sensations is a very common pain management practice.

One of the most popular techniques is to visualize each pain as a wave of an immense ocean , imagining that the peak is just the crest of the wave that will slowly change into a hollow of deep relaxed pleasure.

With practice it is possible to manage with great satisfaction even the most acute and prolonged forms of pain , making sure that navigation is pleasing to both mother and child.

The mantra in pregnancy

The mantra , as a vibration, is transmitted very well through the amniotic fluid .

Finding a quiet and comfortable angle, getting into a comfortable position and starting to breathe deeply, and then letting go of the pain with a mantra, helps to relax the abdominal muscles .

It is important to try to understand, through the movement of the breath, in which part of the body the contraction is located, in order to become aware of it and work on it with the sound of vibration.

Focusing on sound often helps to reach an inner dimension in which to easily overcome certain forms of discomfort typical of pregnancy.

Deep meditation in pregnancy

There are also advanced forms of deeper meditation that work directly for the purpose.

Once again the set up is important. It is therefore necessary to find (or create from scratch) a comfortable, warm, isolated and silent corner where to start the practice.

With your eyes closed and your mind relaxed, you focus on the rhythm of your breath. An inner space is created in which all labels fall , there is no longer anything “good” or “bad”, everything must be observed by freeing oneself from the shackles and pains of the body.

If you focus your attention on the desire to dedicate this special moment to the child,  he will be able to perceive it and react accordingly.

This interchange of connections will help to relax both of you,  which helps to better cope with the time of delivery.

Guided meditations

There is an abundance of evidence that has shown that meditation helps reduce many forms of pain related to pregnancy and childbirth.

In many cases, alongside the techniques described, you can attend a course and resort to guided meditations and visualizations. Very effective are also the relaxing music that uses the songs of the cetaceans 

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